Rules of the Site

Dear Visitors/MJ Army,

Here, I have listed a few rules to insure respect for Michael Jackson and related material that you may cite from this source or comment about.

Rule 1. Please at all times be respectful to MJ and his name and do not include the words ‘molester,’ ‘pervert,’ ‘Jacko,’ ‘freak’ or ‘pedophile’ in the same sentence or when referring to him. Please save it as we’ve heard it all before and don’t need reminders. Do not ‘bash’ the man who this entire site is dedicated to because it’s tasteless and rude. And anyway, it will make you look like an idiot. Any comment doing so will result in immediate removal of said comment.

Rule 2. If you see something you like and you intend on posting it somewhere else, please include a link to this page, or the original source for the material, if found here.

Rule 3. If you disagree with something I post or a visitor comments about, please kindly acknowledge your stand and give your opinion respectfully.

Rule 4. If you wish, you can remain anonymous.

That’s it.

Thank You Soldiers,


p.s. I’m not worried. I know many of you do these things anyway.


3 thoughts on “Rules of the Site

  1. Hi, thanks for your posts about Michael. I miss him so much and one way to ease the pain is by reading some articles my fellow mj fans write about him…kudos to you my friend…”it’s all for love” =D

  2. Amerie says:

    Jordie’s bound by a confidentiality agreement so I dont think he or Jason Francia will be coming forward. Even if he tried, the interviewers or producers of all these shows would acknowledge that. Gavin is still lying about what happened.

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