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A Gift.

At approximately 7:33pm on this day in 1958, the world was completely unaware of the gift the universe had given. The least we can do to show our gratitude for Michael Jackson, this indescribable gift, is to follow in his spiritual footsteps and put love back into the world and realize our individual potential to do the same– to make this world a better place.

Every year on this man’s birthday though, I am reminded that he was the gift. In celebrating his birthday, we celebrate the gift the world received.

“The best way I can imagine to show my thanks is to make the very most of the gift that God gave me.” Michael Jackson

Happy Birthday to Michael– the gift of the world.


A Word of Caution

Being away from many major media outlets for the past couple of weeks, I return to chaos and confusion surrounding the Jackson family. While I have tried my best to absorb as much information as I could regarding the matters made public in the media, I can’t help but notice more than a few alarming things. In this post, I plan to tackle them to the best of my ability, and help you see what I see.

First off let me start by saying, I think consuming media day in and day out (as if it were gospel) has obviously jaded our perception of it. The more we consume, the more  our b.s. detectors are weakened. In other words, the more we take in this content from these medialoids, the more time and opportunity they subconsciously persuade us to lower our defenses.

This is evident by the fact that a lot of MJ fans have suddenly thought it acceptable to list tabloid sources like TMZ as credible. So much so, it’s as if suddenly it became passable and believable that they would report truth. Please. Is TMZ ever right about anything when it comes to Michael? And when exactly have they not sensationalized something when Michael’s name is involved? So all of a sudden, we can believe them when they say that Janet Jackson slapped Paris Jackson? It’s all this medialoid is all about: sensationalism. Let’s actually take a moment to assess this ‘story’ that TMZ reported.

The video where Janet allegedly slaps Paris is shown alongside narration that specifically says Janet does this. However, the video itself shows nothing of the sort. Do you see what they got away with there? They claimed they had proof of this incident, didn’t, and yet still wanted to make the viewer lazy enough to believe they are telling the truth!

If that were the case, and an altercation did happen, then why not show that exact moment and put it on nonstop repeat for the world to see? TMZ lied right then and there, and it was as plain as day. Which proves to those that will take the time to think for themselves instead of relying on medialoids to do the thinking for them, that it’s only when we pick up on things like that do we really see what kind of monster the media is.

What sparked this fiasco was a letter Randy, Janet, Jermaine, Tito, and Rebbie sent to the executors of Michael’s estate asking them to resign due to concerns about their mother’s well-being. After that, seemingly all hell broke loose. Katherine Jackson was thought to be missing and Michael’s two eldest appeared to be tweeting against family members. Later, both stories reported by media turned out to be misunderstandings: Katherine was in fact on vacation, relaxing as by doctor’s orders, and Paris and Prince’s twitters were reported as hacked for a period of time. (As to what were original tweets from the kids versus what were products from the hacking was up for debate and the fan community found itself divided.) The tweets of course, which created controversy within the fan community, ultimately brought out the ugliness and that is becoming almost routine when it comes to defending beliefs and positions involving Michael or his family.

Some things worth mentioning though, are the attacks that the family received from us fans.

Just as sure as you can bet the media had a frenzy reporting “legal expert opinions” and latest evidence surrounding the “Jackson Family Feud”, you can bet that before all the facts were out, those who originally had their suspicions about the Jacksons and their so-called greedy agendas were all too happy to attack them. And this behavior coming from the same people who fight against the same kind of attacks that Michael’s legacy suffers from.

It was awful to see, because as fans of Michael Jackson who fight against that exact same kind of treatment that he got and continues to get, watching it reflect from the fans onto his family is horrendous.  We’re supposed to know better and be better! And really, to participate in this kind of media warfare and then to call ourselves MJ fans is counterproductive when you take into consideration that many of us fight against the slandering that continues day in and day out for Michael. For it all to be undermined by our behavior is ridiculous and absurd. Am I in the minority who thinks that it goes against what Michael believed in? Sometimes I feel that way when I see people on twitter shaming Michael’s mother and policing and “parenting” Michael’s children via Twitter. Shouldn’t we at least try to represent him in some sense? Not to mention that it was his family who have stood beside him through his toughest times–even when some fans didn’t.

So, as a word of caution, if we think with our brains instead of acting alone on behalf of our hearts, we won’t leave ourselves with that regret we might get for things we’ve said and done in the heat of the moment. Let’s try to remember that what the media reports is likely never the whole story.  Obviously, its easier said than done, but its worth the effort if it means we can be proud to be apart of MJ Fan-mily.

Clearly, this are just my opinions and my point of view of the summary of a lot of what’s going on. But for a more detailed recount of the the past weeks events, check out Seven’s blog.

To be honest, her opinion is similar to mine, buts puts things a less sloppy perspective 😉

Remembering. Reflecting. Reassuring.

Yesterday, I took the liberty of removing myself from media. I hadn’t yet honored Michael on the 25th the way I wanted. Somehow, I’d be disturbed or distracted by something I saw or heard, and wouldn’t be able to let that go, which brought anger to the day I wanted to celebrate love. Yesterday, I was trying to achieve that goal of celebrating not only Michael’s life, but his love as well. And I think I did it.

I enjoyed his short films, live performances, music and words– that goes without saying. But this time, in removing myself from the outside world, I would discover another piece of the puzzle that is me, unintentionally and evidently through Michael. And while it may seem a little selfish, I was reminded that a look in the mirror was an essential action before trying to change anything.

I came across an extremely rare copy of ‘Dancing the Dream’ a while back, and thought yesterday provided a great opportunity to read it. Becoming touched in any one of these verbal illustrations is a guarantee. However, in reading these poems and reflections, something happened to me. I could feel the amount of emotion put into each verse almost as if those things were written to me and they were apart of me somehow. Maybe my future even– for a moment, I felt as though I was seeing it!

I know how this may sound, but I think the process of creating knowledge about what I read showed something to me. I saw, in those verses of some of the prose and poems, a mirror. A mirror showing me these pictures these words are painting, and I am in the painting. It was a profound thing to feel. I could feel something inside me changing for the better. I couldn’t believe that it came from reflecting on Michael’s being and his life work. It was as if so many hours and days and months of simply ‘Michaeling’ added up to one epiphany. It was really something.

Although my methods involved isolating myself from the outside world and immersing myself in Michael, my experiences yesterday taught me a few things; and the common denominator of Michael’s messages finally began to sink in. I was able to listen to these messages with my head and my heart, and for once they agreed. My thoughts and emotions, which were created from reading some selections in ‘Dancing the Dream’, converged into one major life changing realization: to remember love.

And then a thought occurred to me. Was Michael love?  If you think about it, how else would he be able to represent it so well, and give it so widely? He himself has said he just wanted to be loved wherever he went. Was he just asking to see a little of himself in the places he visited in return for the gifts of love he’d given to us? To see the reflection of good he was sent here to do in the hearts of the people of the world? To not only bring love, but to leave love everywhere as a remnant of himself to hopefully stand on its own and ultimately heal? And in remembering him and keeping him alive in our hearts, when it comes down to it, we’re remembering love, wouldn’t you say? I have to wonder, and in doing so, it only makes more sense that Michael was an angel. Is an angel.

I wonder if Michael ever thought along these lines.

Well in remembrance of Michael, it became apparent to me that maybe I hadn’t taken his message, perhaps the way it was meant to be taken. I had yet to  truly apply all of his message to my heart and life, and that I needed to really practice what I called myself preaching.

I will forever thank him for his lasting acts of love for the world, and for the reminder to put love back into the world.  I think that’s the least I can do given what he’s done to make this world a better place.

The World Has Lost Another Great: Rest in Heaven Whitney Houston

Yesterday brought a feeling many of us are all too familiar with. Yesterday as the news hit that Whitney Houston died at only 48 years old, we are reminded of her incredible, unparalleled talent and the fact that she, just as Michael, left us too soon.

Though, that’s not the only comparison to Michael made in the wake of her passing. Many reports are “suspecting” and “predicting” and are putting Whitney’s death in the same category as that of Michael’s. Despite the fact barely a day has passed and no autopsy has been done yet. We can see the media hard at work not allowing for Whitney to rest until speculation has turned into medialoid “facts”. (I think you know what I’m alluding to; out of respect, I won’t mention it in this post.)

That’s not only to say that the only references we have which Michael and Whitney are side by side. Many a time Michael and Whitney have performed together, if not one for the other. There were a few occasions where Michael and Whitney lended there voices in harmony.

Nevertheless, Whitney is still a musical icon. Point. Blank. Period. There’s no getting around that or lessening her accomplishments because of her race, like that we have seen time and time again happen to Michael. Despite all that was put on her, she still managed to  climb the top of the charts like no one else. So of course her untimely passing comes as a shock to not only myself, but many in the MJ community. We know that pain and we relate to Whitney’s story because we see similarities in Michael’s. Both with the torture of the media: the building up and the tearing down. And just as we found ourselves learning the hard way how to react to media fodder and what to buy in memoriam with Michael, we must remember for every story or item simply labeled with her name may be from a hyprocritic nobody trying to make a buck.

So in honor if Whitney, if nothing, remember her for her talents. Yes, talents. Take a step back and appreciate that this world would not be the same without her breathtaking musical influence.

Rest in Peace Whitney Houston.

The Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour Experience from a Girl Who Went Last Night in Detroit (A.K.A. Me)

Last night I went to the premier showing in the US of the Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour! And let me tell you, I had the time of my life.

First off, to get a few things clear and out-of-the-way, I am an eighteen year old avid Michael Jackson fan living in a practically unrecognizable spot in Michigan. Because of this, opportunities for me to experience an event surrounded by Michael Jackson and the Michael Jackson community have been out of reach for some time. I’ve made plans to visit Neverland, but that won’t be for another year. So you can imagine my excitement at Christmas last year when I received two tickets to the US premier of Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour!


To my surprise, the Saturday, October 15, 2011 8:00pm Detroit showing was the first live showing in America and I had the pleasure of being one of the lucky ones who got to experience this! The one thing that stood out to me was the atmosphere of the arena where the show was being held; it had a most magical feeling. Once you saw who– what kinds of people had come out to see this show, it somehow put faith and inspiration into you. As you may have already guessed, people from all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, and countries dressed in some article of MJ clothing, a full-out MJ costume or just an MJ t-shirt. People came prepared to scream Michael’s name!

The show in itself was utterly amazing as well. The theme of love was a focal point and you could certainly feel the love for MJ there. As the images of Michael flashed on the giant screen ahead of my nicely picked seat, an overwhelming feeling of “this is what I’ve been waiting for” came about me and I began to get teary-eyed. The show had barely started yet.

Of course, throughout the show, I got teary eyed and hooped and hollered more than once. It easy to see how even the toughest and most emotionally sound could shed a tear or two. The entire production was beautiful down to every last detail. I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to experience the magic of Michael’s inspiration to those around the world.

One other thing that was somewhat surprising to me, was the playing, or teasing, as I like to call it, of some songs that I would not expect to be played in large forums like that because they have not been released. And by this I don’t mean never before heard songs to someone like me, but songs that don’t get much airplay from, for example, the HIStory album (i.e. Little Susie, Tabloid Junkie). That was cool because it was unexpected. In accordance to that, it was nice to see the people who were slightly hesitant, at first, to continue their hard-rockin’ groove to throughout the songs they may not have known all that well. That was no matter for them though; it was one-hundred percent Michael Jackson, and that’s all that mattered.

The entire show, along with the atmosphere, created an indescribable experience, which left you wondering just one thing– What would it have been live if Michael were there? Of course, for someone like me who will never get the opportunity to see Michael live and in-person, it will suffice for now.

I can’t help but wonder.

I strongly recommend for anyone and everyone to go and see the full Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour as soon as possible. It  is worth every dime.

September 3

Ladies and gentlemen, today is another one of those days (if not everyday) where we take time out to remember the greatest man of our generation. Michael was laid to rest this day in 2009. Is there no more appropriate way to celebrate his life than to have your own private (or public) week-long celebration of his life? From his birthday which took place this past Monday, to today, the day he was finally put to rest, being happy and grateful we had the privilege to witness his greatness within our lifetime– something those in the future generations will envy.

Keeping the family, especially Michael’s children, dear to our hearts on days like this, we set aside our views on whatever issue and come together to spiritually thank Michael for all his accomplishments and talents, which helped make this world a better place. One major part of keeping Michael’s legacy alive is having some part in helping those that he helped give a voice for. As an admirer and fan of Michael, I do my best to help set an example that demonstrates to people that there is more than what’s televised when it comes to Michael.

Although this day is expected to come with sadness and mourning, reflecting on the great that Michael has done and all the battles he has won make that smile of his like a secret handshake us and him.

So, Smile. We know Michael is watching.

Peaceful Demonstration of L.O.V.E.

It’s no secret that the upcoming trial will attract wanted and unwanted attention. People from all over will be in attendance, whether looking in from the outside or “reporting” from inside–especially the fans. Instead of a gathered protest for the voicing need of justice to be served, how about a more media-friendly solution to expressing ourselves? How about a peaceful demonstration of love?

Brenda Jenkyns, author of the children’s book Ever After, has proposed the idea for all the fans planning on standing outside the courthouse. Here’s what she said:

Those of you planning on being outside the courthouse to support Mrs. Katherine Jackson and the Jackson family in their attendance at the trial, close your eyes for a moment and picture this:Hundreds of Michael Jackson’s fans from around the world gathered together to demonstrate unity and solidarity with their cause in prayerful, respectful silence.Imagine the family approaching the courthouse for what will, undoubtedly, be a very emotionally-trying several months and encountering hundreds of people with heads bowed in reverent memory of their son and father and brother instead of a seething mass of humanity undulating in angry waves with their clenched fists raised in the air.

Imagine Katherine and Prince, Paris and Blanket walking towards the courthouse in Los Angeles surrounded by silent, mindful people who show their awareness of the solemnity of the occasion by holding banners framing pictures of their son and daddy and words like “You Are Not Alone” and “We Are Here With You” and “We Are The World” and “We Remember Michael” and “Michael’s Army of Love” emblazoned in giant letters across them.

Picture clusters of people singing the words to one of Michael’s many songs with messages of peace and forgiveness, holding hands while singing You Are Not Alone or Heal the World or Hold My Hand or “We can change the world, you don’t have to do it by yourself. We can touch the sky. Gonna take all of us to help. We’re the chosen ones.” Wouldn’t that be more healing than hurling bitter feeling?

And for all of us stuck at home and unable to be in Los Angeles for the trial, wouldn’t our spiritual support for the peaceful demonstration pictured above accompanied by visualizing the most beneficial outcome for all concerned be a more healing substitute for the bitter judgments in which we are currently engaging?

Do you want the world to pay attention to what you are demonstrating for? Prayerful silence is the shot heard ‘round the world … deafening. News crews will be totally speechless … they won’t know what to think or say. It would be so beautiful to watch their dumbfounded faces as they tried to comprehend what they were seeing.

Do we want the world … and Michael’s family … to know that we got it?

Do you want to scare the plain, unsparkly socks off the medialoid?

Do you want to shame the Dimonds and Bashirs and Sneddons right out of their lying little hearts?

It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Let’s show Michael that we understand his message of L.O.V.E. and we are ready to show the world.

Today in MJ HIStory…

At least evey MJ fan is aware of how the Moonwalk strutted its way into pop culture. Today in 1983, Michael debuted what would be his most acclaimed move which would catapult him further than anyone could have imagined. Twenty- eight years ago today, the Moonwalk was perfomed publicly for the first time at the Motown 25, Yesterday, Today, and Forever special.

As we all know, it began with Berry Gordy begging a reluctant Michael to participate in ‘Motown 25’. And we’re all familiar of Michael’s adorable admission of crying after his performance because he didn’t land three spins perfectly:

However, one thing he did land perfectly– a long-lasting legacy of unforgettable, undeniable, and incredible talent.

Remembering a True Friend

The news that many of us had the misfortune of hearing pulled and tugged at virtually every heart string of the Michael Jackson community. Today, Elizabeth Taylor, Michael’s truest friend, passed away at the age of 79.

As we all know, Michael and Elizabeth shared what was the most sacred of friendships. Throughout their long lasting relationship, they both shared similar feelings with one another:

“Elizabeth Taylor and I.. we’re like brother and sister, mother and son, lovers… it’s a potpourri.. it’s something very special.”- Michael Jackson


In 1997, at Elizabeth’s 65th Birthday Bash, Michael performed “Elizabeth I love You” a song he only performed once. Elizabeth was someone Michael could depend on, and vice versa for Elizabeth. The fact that she is now gone too is bittersweet. She is free to be with her dear friend amongst the other angels now, but we will surely miss her as an accomplished activist of HIV/AIDS awareness and her strong voiced opinion on Michael’s behalf.

Her funeral will take place Thursday, March 24, 2011. She will be laid to rest at Forest Lawn– alongside Michael.

Elizabeth we love you. You will be dearly missed.

The Month in Review: A Letter for Michael

Today is the last day of February, and as of tomorrow, we begin to embark on the journey towards justice for Michael. But as always, in order to fuel our pursuit of justice, we must take a look back on things within the Michael Jackson community, in order to create an even stronger bond amongst ourselves as agents of Michael’s legacy.

This month, Michael’s angels, Prince and Blanket, celebrated another birthday as well as participated in an interview with Good Morning America, which can be viewed here:

That wasn’t the only story to hit our airways regarding the children, because we also learned that the children were somehow involved in contributing to Melissa Johnson’s Heal the World foundation, which had previously been ordered to stop exploiting Michael’s name for financial gain. 

And lastly, our buttons were once again pushed by those certain medialoid demons that are sadly mistaken about the power that us fans possess. The ARTE documentary is one of those majorly disgustingly, tabloid pumped pieces of trash that requires our immediate action, which will result in its cancellation. I urge those of you who have yet to sign the petition or leave a comment on any one of the internet sites to please do so as time is of the essence. And for those of you that already have, please spread this word as much as you can so as to prevent disgraces like Dimond and Taraborelli from doing so.

Being that we are the people that we are, united under one globally great man, things can only get better from here once we press forward together in support of Michael Jackson’s justice.