A Word of Caution

Being away from many major media outlets for the past couple of weeks, I return to chaos and confusion surrounding the Jackson family. While I have tried my best to absorb as much information as I could regarding the matters made public in the media, I can’t help but notice more than a few alarming things. In this post, I plan to tackle them to the best of my ability, and help you see what I see.

First off let me start by saying, I think consuming media day in and day out (as if it were gospel) has obviously jaded our perception of it. The more we consume, the more  our b.s. detectors are weakened. In other words, the more we take in this content from these medialoids, the more time and opportunity they subconsciously persuade us to lower our defenses.

This is evident by the fact that a lot of MJ fans have suddenly thought it acceptable to list tabloid sources like TMZ as credible. So much so, it’s as if suddenly it became passable and believable that they would report truth. Please. Is TMZ ever right about anything when it comes to Michael? And when exactly have they not sensationalized something when Michael’s name is involved? So all of a sudden, we can believe them when they say that Janet Jackson slapped Paris Jackson? It’s all this medialoid is all about: sensationalism. Let’s actually take a moment to assess this ‘story’ that TMZ reported.

The video where Janet allegedly slaps Paris is shown alongside narration that specifically says Janet does this. However, the video itself shows nothing of the sort. Do you see what they got away with there? They claimed they had proof of this incident, didn’t, and yet still wanted to make the viewer lazy enough to believe they are telling the truth!

If that were the case, and an altercation did happen, then why not show that exact moment and put it on nonstop repeat for the world to see? TMZ lied right then and there, and it was as plain as day. Which proves to those that will take the time to think for themselves instead of relying on medialoids to do the thinking for them, that it’s only when we pick up on things like that do we really see what kind of monster the media is.

What sparked this fiasco was a letter Randy, Janet, Jermaine, Tito, and Rebbie sent to the executors of Michael’s estate asking them to resign due to concerns about their mother’s well-being. After that, seemingly all hell broke loose. Katherine Jackson was thought to be missing and Michael’s two eldest appeared to be tweeting against family members. Later, both stories reported by media turned out to be misunderstandings: Katherine was in fact on vacation, relaxing as by doctor’s orders, and Paris and Prince’s twitters were reported as hacked for a period of time. (As to what were original tweets from the kids versus what were products from the hacking was up for debate and the fan community found itself divided.) The tweets of course, which created controversy within the fan community, ultimately brought out the ugliness and that is becoming almost routine when it comes to defending beliefs and positions involving Michael or his family.

Some things worth mentioning though, are the attacks that the family received from us fans.

Just as sure as you can bet the media had a frenzy reporting “legal expert opinions” and latest evidence surrounding the “Jackson Family Feud”, you can bet that before all the facts were out, those who originally had their suspicions about the Jacksons and their so-called greedy agendas were all too happy to attack them. And this behavior coming from the same people who fight against the same kind of attacks that Michael’s legacy suffers from.

It was awful to see, because as fans of Michael Jackson who fight against that exact same kind of treatment that he got and continues to get, watching it reflect from the fans onto his family is horrendous.  We’re supposed to know better and be better! And really, to participate in this kind of media warfare and then to call ourselves MJ fans is counterproductive when you take into consideration that many of us fight against the slandering that continues day in and day out for Michael. For it all to be undermined by our behavior is ridiculous and absurd. Am I in the minority who thinks that it goes against what Michael believed in? Sometimes I feel that way when I see people on twitter shaming Michael’s mother and policing and “parenting” Michael’s children via Twitter. Shouldn’t we at least try to represent him in some sense? Not to mention that it was his family who have stood beside him through his toughest times–even when some fans didn’t.

So, as a word of caution, if we think with our brains instead of acting alone on behalf of our hearts, we won’t leave ourselves with that regret we might get for things we’ve said and done in the heat of the moment. Let’s try to remember that what the media reports is likely never the whole story.  Obviously, its easier said than done, but its worth the effort if it means we can be proud to be apart of MJ Fan-mily.

Clearly, this are just my opinions and my point of view of the summary of a lot of what’s going on. But for a more detailed recount of the the past weeks events, check out Seven’s blog.

To be honest, her opinion is similar to mine, buts puts things a less sloppy perspective 😉


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