As a precaution for the reactions and possible aftermath of the Paris Jackson interview, this post from Vindicating Michael will serve as a good reminder about what we could expect from the those who are hellbent on attempting to tarnish Michael’s legacy and making Michael’s children suffer. As a community dedicated to protecting Michael’s legacy, and ultimately his children, it is crucially important that we do everything we can to see that Michael’s children are protected from the same treatment that their father received during his life. There are bound to be more sick, heinous people who will creep from the depths where they fester their hate for innocent human beings. With that in mind, this article should remind us to be on our guard as to what we might deal in the future.

Vindicating Michael

“The bullying/hate towards Paris Jackson is on a larger scale” – Gigi

Gigi, I want to thank you and David for alerting us to the situation with haters abusing Paris Jackson on Twitter. They do it in the same way they did it to her father, only this time it is even worse because they are doing it to a child and an orphaned one at that.

Those who allow themselves to behave like that to children are their worst offenders – and it makes me doubt very much their “high morals” which is actually their only pretext for this atrocious behavior. They accuse Michael of horrendous things but then turn his children’s lives into a nightmare by shattering their good memory of a beloved father and try to break the children’s spirit when they are still in their vulnerable teens.

Michael’s haters are extremely disappointed that Michael raised his…

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