More Proof of What We’ve Suspected About Tabloid Operations

A post on Seven’s blog gives insight into the tabloid’s ruthless and deadly tactics in creating a story. I’m sharing the link to this post because it merely exposes the tip of the iceberg, in my opinion, on the disgusting and atrocious methods used by these bottom dwellers. In this case, the one in particular details a reporter who followed Michael around in London waiting for newsworthy material.

Excerpt from The media’s deadly, criminal tactics in pursuing and creating a “story”

“Standing amid the tabloid scrum on the pavement outside Hamley’s as [Michael] in a spot of after hours shopping I was gobsmacked to hear the assembledĀ  hack cooking up an agreed list of his purchases [Big Teddy.. Peter Pan Videos] only to see it appear in every national the next day. Naturally, I’ve scarcely believed a newspaper ‘fact‘ sense then.”

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