French TV Station Planning To Air Murray Documentary as “Tribute to Michael”

The following report brings to light the fact that some French TV station is scheduled to air Murray’s documentary as a tribute to Michael JacksonWhat is going through the minds of these people?! Why has decency and respect continued to be thrown out the window for Michael?

Needless to say, we have another situation on our hands where this matter needs to be made aware by anyone and everyone willing to help. And since this is scheduled to air June 20, 2012, we don’t exactly have that much time on our hands to get this problem fixed. Please, please do what you can. For Michael.

“French TV are planning to air Murray’s documentary on 20 June as “a tribute to Michael Jackson”.

Perhaps they do not realize the nature of the content …or are they just playing dumb?

French fans have organised a petition – not sure how much value these petitions are.
Can we support them by contacting French TV and objecting on moral grounds?  Murray is a convicted felon and it is no tribute to Michael for him to gain publicity or payment for his crime.  I’m currently awaiting a friend to get back to me with a translation for something I have written.  Perhaps some of us can speak French anyway,  but I think it would be also ok to object in English.  I can pass the translation on when I get it if anyone wants it.”
Contacts :France Television (direction du groupe) :
*France Ô sur Facebook :
*France Ô sur Twitter :!/franceotv
A sample comment in French:
Monsieur, / Madame, / Aux responsables de France Ô- France Télévisions,Je viens de découvrir que votre chaîne va diffuser le documentaire de Conrad Murray, le 20 juin 2012 et ceci pour rendre hommage à Michael Jackson !Vous n’êtes apparemment pas au courant du fait que le Dr. Murray a été jugé et condamné pour l’homicide involontaire de M. Jackson. Actuellement, Murray est en prison. Lors du procès, le juge était horrifié et dégouté par Murray qui n’a jamais éprouvé le moindre remords ; mais aussi par le fait que Murray voulait gagner de l’argent en vendant ce documentaire irrespectueux et déplacé où il essaie de trouver une excuse pour son comportement irresponsable et sa négligence criminelle, où il accuse sa victime.C’est pour quoi je vous prie de revenir sur votre décision concernant l’émission de ce documentaire. Ce film immoral est une islute à la mémoire de Michael Jackson, ce qui est insuportable pour sa famille et surtout pour ses enfants.
(Translation: I have discovered that your channel is going to show the Conrad Murray documentary on 20 June 1012 in order to pay tribute to Michael Jackson! You are not apparently aware that Dr Murray has been tried and convicted of the involuntary homicide of Mr Jackson. He is actually in prison. During the trial the judge was horrified and disgusted that not only did he show no remorse, but that Murray would gain money in selling this documentary where he not only makes excuses for his negligent and criminal behavior, but tries to blame his victim. For this reason I am asking that you reconsider your decision to broadcast the documentary. This film is immoral, an insult to the memory of Michael Jackson and is distressing for his family, particularly his children. )
*Note: If you don’t live in France (or don’t know a French address off-hand) then the Facebook or Twitter links will work to your benefit.
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