A Very Worthwhile Cause: The MJAP

See for yourself what you have to learn from Michael Jackson as the Michael Jackson Academia Project helps you on that worthwhile journey to a profound enlightenment. Great for those strengthening their faith in Michael and excellent for those who are doubtful, the MJAP aims to show what happened to Michael Jackson as an artist and human being.

The link to MJAP YouTube channel will provide you with videos, which in turn will spark various waves of thought and realization that are not only beneficial to our Michael Jackson fan community, but to everyone! So it is with great urgency and desire that I ask you to share these videos as often as you can; whether it be  in a debate with a skeptic, a counter argument with a hater, or for anyone you have ever felt needed a dose or two of  knowledge about why Michael Jackson is deemed underrated to those of us who fully appreciate his artistry and his humanity. This project is seeing to it that Michael Jackson is celebrated in academically by exposing the truth like never before.

Subscribe to The MJAP. This project is truly an eye-opening experience for all who pay attention.

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