Immediate Action is Needed: Kraft Wants to Hear From Fans

It has come to the attention of fans that some slanderous story involving a self-proclaimed “ex-lover” of Michael’s and Entertainment Tonight will be airing tonight. What’s different about this time is that a sponsor (Kraft foods) for ET Tonight wants us, fans of Michael Jackson, to let them know how we feel about ET Tonight and their eagerness to air this ridiculous story.
Kraft, apparently, did not know that Scott Thorson  (Liberace’s Ex-lover) will be on ET Tonight speaking about his ‘affair’ with Michael.  Some say this is an old story from around 2004, which in an attempt to slander Michael is probably resurrected now because there’s a movie of some sort in the works of being released. Nevertheless, we need to engage ourselves and anyone else who is on our side of this never-ending media battle against Michael Jackson, and voice our opinions!
Meanwhile, the dirt that we can dig up on this Thorson guy besides his involvement with Liberace was his appearance on Larry King in 2002 denying any gay relationships other than with Liberace. The first part was aired last night. Also (good to know) he is a convicted felon for armed robbery.

Contact info if anyone wishes to complain:…r-with-jackson

How to contact Kraft Foods:

Kraft foods —Telephone: Attention: Consumer Relations Group 1-800-543-5335

As for Entertainment Tonight, here are ways in which you can contact them and voice your opinions:

How to contact Entertainment Tonight:

When contacting anyone at CBS or Entertainment Tonight, please remain civil in your approach. Inform them that you will not be watching ET unless they removed this story about Michael Jackson. Hostility and attacks are counterproductive.MAIL:
Leslie Moonves, President & CEO, CBS
Glenn Geller, Senior VP, Current Programming, CBS
CBS Entertainment
51 West 52nd Street
New York, New York 10019PHONE:
Linda Bell Blue, ET Executive Producer
(212) 975-4321 (**Ask to be transferred to Ms. Bell Blue’s voicemail, where you can leave a message**)TWITTER:
Primary account / @ETonlineAlert
Mark Steines, ET Co-anchor / @MarkSteines
Linda Bell Blue, ET Executive Producer / @ExecProdLinda
Sharlette Hambrick, ET Senior Producer / @ETProdSharlette
Bonnie Tiegel, ET Senior Producer / @ETSrProdBonnie



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