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More Proof of What We’ve Suspected About Tabloid Operations

A post on Seven’s blog gives insight into the tabloid’s ruthless and deadly tactics in creating a story. I’m sharing the link to this post because it merely exposes the tip of the iceberg, in my opinion, on the disgusting and atrocious methods used by these bottom dwellers. In this case, the one in particular details a reporter who followed Michael around in London waiting for newsworthy material.

Excerpt from The media’s deadly, criminal tactics in pursuing and creating a “story”

“Standing amid the tabloid scrum on the pavement outside Hamley’s as [Michael] in a spot of after hours shopping I was gobsmacked to hear the assembled  hack cooking up an agreed list of his purchases [Big Teddy.. Peter Pan Videos] only to see it appear in every national the next day. Naturally, I’ve scarcely believed a newspaper ‘fact‘ sense then.”

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Help Needed for Opportunity to Win Grant for “Words and Violence” Project

From Reverend B. Kaufmann:

How about some good news about Michael for a change?
Win a grant for Michael!
Hi. Rev. Kaufmann here and I have a favor to ask…
Will you please go to this link:
And vote for Voices Education Project’s “Words and Violence” to win a cash grant for marketing the curriculum dedicated to Michael Jackson and Lady Diana Spencer.

This is round one. In order to get into the finals for a cash prize, we must get enough votes now for “Words and Violence.”
We can do this! We can win some money to use to spread the word!
I will keep you posted when we enter round two.
But we have to get there first. Please go and vote!
Then share it on Facebook and tell all your friends and other fans. We need hundreds of votes!
Go now and vote for “Words and Violence”
Thank you for your support of this mission to end bullying by the press, on television and in our schools. God Bless. ~Rev. B.
Voices Education Project
Creating Peace one story at a time.
Host of “Words and Violence” curriculum
dedicated to Michael Jackson and Lady Diana
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On This Day in MJ HIStory

Scream was released on this day 17 years ago in 1995.

And here’s the short film:

And here’s a cute clip I found not included in the “Making Of Scream” video.

Also on this day, Michael’s album Dangerous was certified at 7 million copies by the RIAA.


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“It’s All About L.O.V.E.- Michael Jackson Stories You Were Never Meant to Read”

It’s All About L.O.V.E.- Michael Jackson Stories You Were Never Meant to Read is a fan-created book detailing all those stories you’ve been dying to hear. That’s right! This book is an awesome work about the experiences of fans who have met Michael throughout the years.

“Packed with true stories of fans meeting Michael backstage right before his concert or on the set of “In the closet”, talking to Michael on the phone, giving an artwork-presentation to him, having a nightly conversation with him or even visiting Michael at home in Neverland.”

Authors, co-authors, and the editors are currently working on another book titled: “A Life for L.O.V.E.- Michael Jackson Stories You Should Have Heard Before”.

The following is from the authors and co-editors of the book (via VindicateMJ):

We are the editors and co-writers of the book “It’s all about L.O.V.E. – Michael Jackson stories you were never meant to read” (, a collection of stories by fans from around the world about their experiences with Michael. The book quickly became a bestseller among the worldwide fan community.

Currently we are working on a new book project which focuses on Michael’s humanitarian work, and again we intend to collect stories, this time of people whom Michael helped personally or through donations, and of people who have witnessed or arranged those meetings.
Just as our previous book, all proceeds from the new project will be donated to charity in Michael’s name.

Our inspiration for this project is the strong feeling that it is high time to make this very important aspect of Michael’s life finally more publicly known. He dedicated a big part of his life, time and money to helping others without wanting to attract attention with it, but now that he is no longer here, we believe it is up to us to set the record straight for him and to tell the world what he really was about through personal stories about experiences with him. Besides that we hope that we will be able to collect money for charity, like we did with our last book, and inspire people reading the stories to do something themselves, to continue Michael’s message of giving.

The structure of the book will be similar to the last book: a collection of many different stories. We have already started contacting several people and have gotten some wonderful stories. But we want more and know that there are much more out there! Michael helped all around the world and there are so many precious hidden stories that we cannot collect them alone. We need help from the whole fan community, which is hopefully as eager as we are to let the world know about Michael, the humanitarian.

It would be wonderful to get your support for this project! We have already re-launched our website with a lot of information regarding this new project as well as a questionnaire for people who have some story to tell. So if you could inform your members about this project or let us do it, that would be a huge help. And as with our last book, we will not let it get by unnoticed but all our busy helpers will get special thank you’s in the book itself.

So please help us making this dream a reality for Michael. Please also feel free to forward this e-mail or our e-mail address ( to anyone who you might think could be of help for us!
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

It’s all about LOVE,
Brigitte Bloemen, Marina Dobler, Miriam Lohr & Sonja Winterholler

At their website titled, you can also find excerpts from their previous book, and contact them if you or someone you know has a personal experience to share.

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French TV Station Planning To Air Murray Documentary as “Tribute to Michael”

The following report brings to light the fact that some French TV station is scheduled to air Murray’s documentary as a tribute to Michael JacksonWhat is going through the minds of these people?! Why has decency and respect continued to be thrown out the window for Michael?

Needless to say, we have another situation on our hands where this matter needs to be made aware by anyone and everyone willing to help. And since this is scheduled to air June 20, 2012, we don’t exactly have that much time on our hands to get this problem fixed. Please, please do what you can. For Michael.

“French TV are planning to air Murray’s documentary on 20 June as “a tribute to Michael Jackson”.

Perhaps they do not realize the nature of the content …or are they just playing dumb?

French fans have organised a petition – not sure how much value these petitions are.
Can we support them by contacting French TV and objecting on moral grounds?  Murray is a convicted felon and it is no tribute to Michael for him to gain publicity or payment for his crime.  I’m currently awaiting a friend to get back to me with a translation for something I have written.  Perhaps some of us can speak French anyway,  but I think it would be also ok to object in English.  I can pass the translation on when I get it if anyone wants it.”
Contacts :France Television (direction du groupe) :
*France Ô sur Facebook :
*France Ô sur Twitter :!/franceotv
A sample comment in French:
Monsieur, / Madame, / Aux responsables de France Ô- France Télévisions,Je viens de découvrir que votre chaîne va diffuser le documentaire de Conrad Murray, le 20 juin 2012 et ceci pour rendre hommage à Michael Jackson !Vous n’êtes apparemment pas au courant du fait que le Dr. Murray a été jugé et condamné pour l’homicide involontaire de M. Jackson. Actuellement, Murray est en prison. Lors du procès, le juge était horrifié et dégouté par Murray qui n’a jamais éprouvé le moindre remords ; mais aussi par le fait que Murray voulait gagner de l’argent en vendant ce documentaire irrespectueux et déplacé où il essaie de trouver une excuse pour son comportement irresponsable et sa négligence criminelle, où il accuse sa victime.C’est pour quoi je vous prie de revenir sur votre décision concernant l’émission de ce documentaire. Ce film immoral est une islute à la mémoire de Michael Jackson, ce qui est insuportable pour sa famille et surtout pour ses enfants.
(Translation: I have discovered that your channel is going to show the Conrad Murray documentary on 20 June 1012 in order to pay tribute to Michael Jackson! You are not apparently aware that Dr Murray has been tried and convicted of the involuntary homicide of Mr Jackson. He is actually in prison. During the trial the judge was horrified and disgusted that not only did he show no remorse, but that Murray would gain money in selling this documentary where he not only makes excuses for his negligent and criminal behavior, but tries to blame his victim. For this reason I am asking that you reconsider your decision to broadcast the documentary. This film is immoral, an insult to the memory of Michael Jackson and is distressing for his family, particularly his children. )
*Note: If you don’t live in France (or don’t know a French address off-hand) then the Facebook or Twitter links will work to your benefit.
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A Very Worthwhile Cause: The MJAP

See for yourself what you have to learn from Michael Jackson as the Michael Jackson Academia Project helps you on that worthwhile journey to a profound enlightenment. Great for those strengthening their faith in Michael and excellent for those who are doubtful, the MJAP aims to show what happened to Michael Jackson as an artist and human being.

The link to MJAP YouTube channel will provide you with videos, which in turn will spark various waves of thought and realization that are not only beneficial to our Michael Jackson fan community, but to everyone! So it is with great urgency and desire that I ask you to share these videos as often as you can; whether it be  in a debate with a skeptic, a counter argument with a hater, or for anyone you have ever felt needed a dose or two of  knowledge about why Michael Jackson is deemed underrated to those of us who fully appreciate his artistry and his humanity. This project is seeing to it that Michael Jackson is celebrated in academically by exposing the truth like never before.

Subscribe to The MJAP. This project is truly an eye-opening experience for all who pay attention.

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Michael and His Role in the Video Gaming Industry

A subject pertaining to Michael that has little cover in the fan community is his role in the video gaming industry. As a fan, character, and composer of music (no surprise there), this part of  Michael’s legacy may be overlooked.

His sparked interest created his first known involvement, which can be found in his gaming debut  Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. Released in 1989, the video game was made for arcade, computer, and console and was a small success of its time, co-created by Michael himself. Aptly named after the success of the 1988 film Moonwalker, the video game is themed after the Smooth Criminal sequence. If you know the short film, you’ll know Michael saves the day by rescuing kidnapped children from the evil “Mr. Big” and using his powerful dancing to do so. Bubbles even makes an appearance in the game.

Later in 1994, Michael composed material for the hit Sega video game Sonic the Hedgehog 3. This was done is secrecy, and not many knew he was aiding the development in the game itself. Rumor has it that the reason Michael is not credited in the games credits is due to the fact that he was not happy with the way things sounded. Rumor also has it that the sounds he created for the game became the basis for Stranger in Moscow. Bradley Buxer, who partnered with Michael to compose for Sega and is credited in the game had this to say for Black & White magazine:

“Michael called me at the time for help on this project, and that’s what I did. And if he is not credited for composing the music, it’s because he was not happy with the sound coming out of the console. At the time, game consoles did not allow an optimal sound reproduction, and Michael found it frustrating. He did not want to be associated with a product that devalued his music.” – Buxer

He also says the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 song and Stranger in Moscow are related.

Here is a link to that brief interview for Black & White Magazine Buxer did in December of 2009.

Here’s your opportunity to be the judge:

Here is the song in the end credits of Sonic the Hedgehog 3

And that same tune over Stranger in Moscow…

Aside from that, let’s travel 5 years into the future and you’ll find Michael’s cameo appearances in Space Channel 5 and Space Channel 5: Part 2. Released in 1999 in Japan, this video game was another “music/rhythm” video game in which Michael’s singing and dancing not only transcend time and space, but ultimately help save the day.

The synopsis for this game is as follows:

“It’s the 25th century, and planet Earth is in a state of crisis. An alien race, the Morolians, have launched an invasion against Earth, randomly shooting innocent victims with a mysterious ray gun. The effect of the ray is rather unusual, as it forces people to dance uncontrollably, and enslaves them to alien rhythms. Of course, their attack has caused a widespread panic. The first station to grab the scoop is a little–watched space broadcaster, “Space Channel 5”.

The premise of the game also reveals that the evil boss who is responsible for mayhem and controlling the “Morolians” desires ratings over the truth. Sound familiar? Michael’s roles in the first Space Channel 5 and the sequel (where he becomes the new boss of Space Channel 5) as Space Michael can be seen in a little further detail in the following video:

And lastly, we have Michael’s final character created, in-part, by him. Would you believe it was for a boxing game? That’s right! Released in 2000, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 featured Michael as a boxer, which, allegedly, he was motion captured and digitally photographed for along with Shaquille O’neal. Though there is not much noted in the game as far as the above, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was involved a little more than let on.

While there is no known involvement of the development of the Michael Jackson: The Experience games released in the last two years, it makes you wonder: what would a video game of such evolved technology look like– be like with Michael’s touch?

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Immediate Action is Needed: Kraft Wants to Hear From Fans

It has come to the attention of fans that some slanderous story involving a self-proclaimed “ex-lover” of Michael’s and Entertainment Tonight will be airing tonight. What’s different about this time is that a sponsor (Kraft foods) for ET Tonight wants us, fans of Michael Jackson, to let them know how we feel about ET Tonight and their eagerness to air this ridiculous story.
Kraft, apparently, did not know that Scott Thorson  (Liberace’s Ex-lover) will be on ET Tonight speaking about his ‘affair’ with Michael.  Some say this is an old story from around 2004, which in an attempt to slander Michael is probably resurrected now because there’s a movie of some sort in the works of being released. Nevertheless, we need to engage ourselves and anyone else who is on our side of this never-ending media battle against Michael Jackson, and voice our opinions!
Meanwhile, the dirt that we can dig up on this Thorson guy besides his involvement with Liberace was his appearance on Larry King in 2002 denying any gay relationships other than with Liberace. The first part was aired last night. Also (good to know) he is a convicted felon for armed robbery.

Contact info if anyone wishes to complain:…r-with-jackson

How to contact Kraft Foods:

Kraft foods —Telephone: Attention: Consumer Relations Group 1-800-543-5335

As for Entertainment Tonight, here are ways in which you can contact them and voice your opinions:

How to contact Entertainment Tonight:

When contacting anyone at CBS or Entertainment Tonight, please remain civil in your approach. Inform them that you will not be watching ET unless they removed this story about Michael Jackson. Hostility and attacks are counterproductive.MAIL:
Leslie Moonves, President & CEO, CBS
Glenn Geller, Senior VP, Current Programming, CBS
CBS Entertainment
51 West 52nd Street
New York, New York 10019PHONE:
Linda Bell Blue, ET Executive Producer
(212) 975-4321 (**Ask to be transferred to Ms. Bell Blue’s voicemail, where you can leave a message**)TWITTER:
Primary account / @ETonlineAlert
Mark Steines, ET Co-anchor / @MarkSteines
Linda Bell Blue, ET Executive Producer / @ExecProdLinda
Sharlette Hambrick, ET Senior Producer / @ETProdSharlette
Bonnie Tiegel, ET Senior Producer / @ETSrProdBonnie



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