Michael Had His Own Line of Stuffed Animals

“Michael’s Pets”, a collection of stuffed animals made in the likeness of Jackson’s own pets is marketed in October, 1986. The singer was “very instrumental in the designing of the toys” and “in how it should be programmed”, according to Bob Michaelson, who helped develop the line with Jackson. The stuffed pets are ten in number, namely Cool Bear, based on the singer himself, Jabbar the giraffe, Louie the llama, Muscles the snake, Bubbles the chimpanzee, Uncle Tookie the frog, Spanky, a white dog, Mr. Bill, another dog, Suzy the rabbit, and Jeannine the ostrich. The singer requests that one dollar out of each purchase from the “Michael’s Pets” set be placed aside for a children’s organization.

This adorable story brought to you by The Silenced Truth. Check out their Homepage as well as their Facebook page!

Source: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=9269317&l=997b5c1f2f&id=82324869092


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