The World Has Lost Another Great: Rest in Heaven Whitney Houston

Yesterday brought a feeling many of us are all too familiar with. Yesterday as the news hit that Whitney Houston died at only 48 years old, we are reminded of her incredible, unparalleled talent and the fact that she, just as Michael, left us too soon.

Though, that’s not the only comparison to Michael made in the wake of her passing. Many reports are “suspecting” and “predicting” and are putting Whitney’s death in the same category as that of Michael’s. Despite the fact barely a day has passed and no autopsy has been done yet. We can see the media hard at work not allowing for Whitney to rest until speculation has turned into medialoid “facts”. (I think you know what I’m alluding to; out of respect, I won’t mention it in this post.)

That’s not only to say that the only references we have which Michael and Whitney are side by side. Many a time Michael and Whitney have performed together, if not one for the other. There were a few occasions where Michael and Whitney lended there voices in harmony.

Nevertheless, Whitney is still a musical icon. Point. Blank. Period. There’s no getting around that or lessening her accomplishments because of her race, like that we have seen time and time again happen to Michael. Despite all that was put on her, she still managed to  climb the top of the charts like no one else. So of course her untimely passing comes as a shock to not only myself, but many in the MJ community. We know that pain and we relate to Whitney’s story because we see similarities in Michael’s. Both with the torture of the media: the building up and the tearing down. And just as we found ourselves learning the hard way how to react to media fodder and what to buy in memoriam with Michael, we must remember for every story or item simply labeled with her name may be from a hyprocritic nobody trying to make a buck.

So in honor if Whitney, if nothing, remember her for her talents. Yes, talents. Take a step back and appreciate that this world would not be the same without her breathtaking musical influence.

Rest in Peace Whitney Houston.

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