Today Is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

I’m sure all of you understand that without the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s accomplishments and remarkable leadership during the Civil Rights Movement, we would very likely not have Michael Jackson’s inspiration in all of our lives. That’s why it is essential we should take part in honoring the memory of Dr. King today, given much of the road he has paved for America and Civil Rights.

Of course, we know (but not to be surprised) Michael is no stranger to paying homage to a man who long paved the way for him. In one known instance of honoring Dr. King, Michael held a celebration at Neverland for 100 inner-city children who excelled in school. The source from this brief story comes from and that is all the information they’ve given, however, we can only imagine what great inspiration those children must have experienced celebrating Dr. King with one of Dr. King’s proofs that this world can be a better place.

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