What’s Next?

Today I recieved this email that totally blew my mind. I couldn’t believe it took us (MJ Fam) to come up with this idea!

Here is the email:

There is something happening this Friday that you won’t want to miss:

What’s next?
Let’s talk about that!
Are you weary of the tabloid hacking, bullying, the front page humiliation? Are you sick of the lies? The slander? Fed up with the insanity and public dismembering of real people at the hands of media? You have been forced to become watchdogs of the media, you have been baited by haters, you have been ridiculed for your steadfast loyalty and activism for a man who was, over time, hounded to death by the media. And you have been called names; that all is about to change.
Michael Jackson asked the fans to be his legacy and to “change the world.” And fans have been steadfast in using the power of their words to “make a difference” and “make that change.” As fans, are you ready to go father? Are you, as Michael’s truth brigade (They Don’t Care About Us,) ready to put boots on the ground? Are you ready to take back your airwaves? Are you ready to become part of the “occupy movement” and occupy dignity, decency and truth? Are you ready to “Occupy Media?”
If you are, join us on Friday, December 9 at 4PM Pacific and 6PM Central, 7PM Eastern time at “A Place in Your Heart Radio” to meet someone who can help us organize to take back the airwaves from the bullies and demand media programming that is in the public interest.
Rev. B. of Inner Michael has engaged in a dialogue with Sue Wilson–Emmy Award- Winning film maker and activist and has asked her to come and speak to the fans at “A Place In Your Heart Radio.” Sue will speak to the fans about media reform, activism and the occupy movement–social and political action toward preserving equality and democracy in media with content that serves the public interest.
Sue Wilson is the Emmy winning director of the media reform documentary “Broadcast Blues” and editor of SueWilsonReports.com. As a graduate in Radio/TV/Film, she was California State University Long Beach’s “Outstanding Graduate.” In the early ’90’s, she won Emmys for specials she produced for KCBS-TV in Los Angeles, and then turned the spotlight on wasteful government spending for Sacramento Fox TV station KTXL, where her Emmy winning stories changed national, state, and local spending policies.
Once a media insider, Sue Wilson knows the industry, has broken national stories, exposed corruption and initiated change. A veteran of radio, and now TV, and a media reform activist, she is the producer of “Broadcast Blues” a documentary that sets its sights on media policy. She writes at SueWilsonReports.com, the Brad Blog and the Huffington Post, and she recently formed a new grassroots media reform group to take citizen action, the media action center, which recently helped organize protests abainst Fox news and News Corp.
Rev. B. has asked her to speak with fans this Friday as we move into the next phase. The fans have asked “What now?” We have been watchdogs, have complained in speech, in letters and in videos. Now we are called to action and to the “occupy movement” with boots on the ground. Sue has accepted Rev. B’s invitation to appear here and provide information, guidance and leadership and with Rev. B, calls us to action and in the next phase of our work in the name of Michael’s legacy.

And check Voices Education Project

~front page~
for a new article by Bob Koehler!
The Lakota have no language for insulting other orders of existence.
There is a name for humans when the power is more seductive than their humanitarian side…
and for humans who get in the way in war and
become collateral damage.

Voices Education Project Creating Peace one story at a time.
Host of “Words and Violence” curriculum
dedicated to Michael Jackson and Lady Diana
“Words and Violence”

Spread the word and dont forget to tune in!


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