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Murray Gets Maximum Sentence: Four Years

Justice has been served.

Today, Judge Pastor brought down the hand of Justice on Conrad Murray. Here is the statement from the Estate about today’s sentencing:

Michael Jackson’s death was a huge loss to his children, his family, and his fans worldwide. A jury determined Michael’s untimely passing was caused by Conrad Murray.  Dr. Murray in pre-trial statements and in a post-trial documentary expressed no remorse or responsibility for Mr. Jackson’s death. The Estate of Michael Jackson believes that the sentence imposed on Conrad Murray by Judge Pastor was appropriate and called for. The egregious conduct of Dr. Murray when “treating” Michael Jackson was bad enough but when coupled with his outrageous lies in trying to cover up his wrongdoing after Michael was dying and/or had died only served to magnify his criminal actions. Michael Jackson was the one of the greatest entertainers that ever lived and he will be missed by millions.

Source:  http://www.mjjcommunity.com/forum/threads/120301-Official-Statement-from-the-Estate-of-Michael-Jackson-on-Murray-Sentencing?p=3548214#post3548214

This, of course, leaves out the facts that he will get NO house arrest and NO probation. The judge has set another date that will determine the amount of restitution he will need to pay.