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Happy 10th Invincible!

Michael Jackson - Invincible - FrontTen years ago today marks the release of Michael’s tenth, and final, studio album from Michael, Invincible. Blogs and fans all around are celebrating this tenth anniversary by purchasing the album. This act is apart of an ongoing  campaign to make Invincible top the charts like never before in honor of Michael in showing strength and support during the trial, out doing the original sales for this album, and for support of this day.

Some Facts About Invincible Worth Knowing

Invincible peaked number 1 in 11 territories worldwide, including the U.S., U.k., Australia, France, and Switzerland.

Despite selling 13 million copies worldwide, Invincible was seen as a commercial flop.

Invincible was Michael’s fifth number one album in the Billboard 200, his fourth to chart at number one in its debut week as a solo artist.

Invincible also charted number one on Billboard’s Hip-Hop/R&B Chart for four weeks.

Eight weeks after its debut, in December 2001, Invincible was certified gold  by the RIAA ( Recording Industry Association of America) for sales upwards five hundred thousand units.

In the same month, Invincible was certified double platinum for sales upwards of two million units.

The album Invincible is dedicated to Benjamin “Benny” Hermansen who was stabbed to death by a group of neo-nazis in Oslo, Norway in 2001.

‘You Rock My World’, ‘Cry’, and ‘Butterflies’ were three singles released from the album.

Michael planned to release ‘Unbreakable’ as the first single, instead of ‘You Rock My Wold’.

‘Butterflies’ was originally written by Marsia Ambrosius and Floetry.


The Line Has Been Crossed. Take Action IMMEDIATELY

I received a load of emails this weekend notifying me of the outrageousness that the talking tabloid heads have taken the coverage of this trial. The following  majority of them convey this overall message:

On Tuesday, October 11, 2011,
during court proceedings, prosecutors in the Conrad Murray trial showed the jury
Michael Jackson’s autopsy photograph. Initially, HLN’s Jane Velez Mitchell said,
on air, that HLN would not be showing the photograph. Later that afternoon,
HLN’s Vinnie Politan showed the photograph. For the next two days, it was shown
many times for up to 11 seconds each time. Scott Safon as Chief Executive of HLN
is chiefly responsible for this decision.

It has since been splashed across
the Internet and tabloid front pages and tabloid sites such as TMZ and Daily
Beast. Diane Dimond even featured it in one of her articles at the Daily Beast.
A very sick-minded individual accessed the photograph on the TMZ website and
sent multiple tweets which included the photograph’s TMZ link along with hate
speech to Michael Jackson’s children.

It is a measure of how far our
culture has slipped that it appears to be acceptable to show an autopsy photo of
a much loved public figure on international television. Marilyn Monroe, Elvis,
Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Princess Diana, and Dale Earnhardt were not
shown this indignity. Not even Osama Bin Laden’s body was paraded past the
public in this way. Why should it be acceptable that Michael Jackson’s family,
friends, and fans should have to endure this outrage for nothing more than
ratings? A new threshold has been crossed that tramples human dignity and
decency–standards towards the dead that have been respected for millennia.


The Federal Communications
Commission (FCC) is an independent United States government agency established
by the Communications Act of 1934. It is charged with regulating interstate and
international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. We
are asking you to express your outrage at this act of indecency on international
television by contacting them with your complaint. Ask the FCC to send a message
loud and clear to HLN that they will get their license revoked for this kind of
“decision” and that it is UNJUSTIFIABLE.

If you reside in the United
States, you may contact the FCC at the following link. At the website, you will
be directed to a complaint form. You may also express your disgust via e-mail or
phone. The same page will give you access to their e-mail address and phone.



For those of you outside of the United States, you can
choose, instead of filling in the online form at the FCC, to send an email
telling the FCC that even overseas the U.S. broadcast of the photo has upset
many people with our TV system here or give them a call. If you use the form,
you may need to pose as being located in the U.S.  Here are some zip codes you
can use. The link is the same whether inside or outside the










showing of the photograph outside a court of law is OUTRAGEOUS, UNJUSTIFIED and

I strongly urge all of you to take action immediately. Time is of the essence, and the line of human decency has been crossed.

The Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour Experience from a Girl Who Went Last Night in Detroit (A.K.A. Me)

Last night I went to the premier showing in the US of the Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour! And let me tell you, I had the time of my life.

First off, to get a few things clear and out-of-the-way, I am an eighteen year old avid Michael Jackson fan living in a practically unrecognizable spot in Michigan. Because of this, opportunities for me to experience an event surrounded by Michael Jackson and the Michael Jackson community have been out of reach for some time. I’ve made plans to visit Neverland, but that won’t be for another year. So you can imagine my excitement at Christmas last year when I received two tickets to the US premier of Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour!


To my surprise, the Saturday, October 15, 2011 8:00pm Detroit showing was the first live showing in America and I had the pleasure of being one of the lucky ones who got to experience this! The one thing that stood out to me was the atmosphere of the arena where the show was being held; it had a most magical feeling. Once you saw who– what kinds of people had come out to see this show, it somehow put faith and inspiration into you. As you may have already guessed, people from all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, and countries dressed in some article of MJ clothing, a full-out MJ costume or just an MJ t-shirt. People came prepared to scream Michael’s name!

The show in itself was utterly amazing as well. The theme of love was a focal point and you could certainly feel the love for MJ there. As the images of Michael flashed on the giant screen ahead of my nicely picked seat, an overwhelming feeling of “this is what I’ve been waiting for” came about me and I began to get teary-eyed. The show had barely started yet.

Of course, throughout the show, I got teary eyed and hooped and hollered more than once. It easy to see how even the toughest and most emotionally sound could shed a tear or two. The entire production was beautiful down to every last detail. I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to experience the magic of Michael’s inspiration to those around the world.

One other thing that was somewhat surprising to me, was the playing, or teasing, as I like to call it, of some songs that I would not expect to be played in large forums like that because they have not been released. And by this I don’t mean never before heard songs to someone like me, but songs that don’t get much airplay from, for example, the HIStory album (i.e. Little Susie, Tabloid Junkie). That was cool because it was unexpected. In accordance to that, it was nice to see the people who were slightly hesitant, at first, to continue their hard-rockin’ groove to throughout the songs they may not have known all that well. That was no matter for them though; it was one-hundred percent Michael Jackson, and that’s all that mattered.

The entire show, along with the atmosphere, created an indescribable experience, which left you wondering just one thing– What would it have been live if Michael were there? Of course, for someone like me who will never get the opportunity to see Michael live and in-person, it will suffice for now.

I can’t help but wonder.

I strongly recommend for anyone and everyone to go and see the full Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour as soon as possible. It  is worth every dime.

Please Support Rev. Al Sharpton’s Piece

The link below is an article by the lifelong friend of Michael’s, Rev. Al Sharpton. His piece warns all to remember who exactly is on trial.