So You’re Looking for Updates on the Trial…

Well, I won’t write but a few thoughts I have on the hearsay from Twitter (because that’s where it’s quickest to know what’s happening, given people that I follow insist upon giving the rundown minute by minute), but if you are looking for in-depth thinking, and perhaps a little longer write-up, you have come to the right place for links to those sites that do such!

First off, there is a matter at hand that if you are not aware of, you need to be aware of and notify everyone around you of this; the time has come to boycott HLN. They are using re: 2005 tactics and, “surprisingly” are putting Michael’s life under a microscope for all to gawk at.

The following is a newsletter sent out to all those who subscribe to the MJ Truth Now Newsletter:

With the trial of Conrad Murray
underway, it has been a tough few days for supporters of Michael Jackson. While
Judge Pastor masterfully controls proceedings in the courtroom to reflect that
Murray is the man on trial for involuntary manslaughter of the victim, Michael
Jackson, the media is busy outside the courtroom once again putting Michael
Jackson on trial.

When recently considering the
defense’s motion to sequester the jury to protect them from Nancy Grace, Judge
Pastor rejected the motion. He trusted the jury to act responsibly by not
pursuing information about the case outside the courtroom. In making the
decision he had this to say about the media, “Talking heads frequently talk out
of other parts of the body.”

The audio recording of Michael speaking played during the first day of the trial,
invited pundits to weigh in on their opinion that he was a drug addict. Hosts on
HLN were using terms such as “junkie,” “addict,” and “king of dope” in reference
to Michael based on one recording. HLN and TruTV, in particular, have no
interest in focusing on the trial of Dr. Murray. They are devoted to turning it
into a trial examining Michael Jackson’s life.

The public should wake up, trust
their own ability to evaluate what they see and hear, and discard these cut-rate
pundits, self-styled experts and fakirs whose purpose is not to inform, but to
lead viewers by the nose to advertisers. We do not need Grace and her one
dimensional cartoon colleagues — Velez-Mitchell, Behar, Positan, Ryan, Dimond,
and Pop Doc Drew to explain the Conrad Murray Trial, what we are seeing and how
we should feel about it. Anyone interested in seeing the Justice System at work
and unfiltered should watch on free streaming video and come to your own

Try the two links below for this
experience. It’s commercial free, opinion free, discussion free, spin free, and
Grace-free. This is where you are free to make your own decision about what you
are hearing and learning.

Stream Link 1:

Stream Link 2:

a trial schedule, go to this link:

TII Human Nature

You may also wish to read the
documents and transcripts of the trial. Records of the day’s court proceedings
will be slightly delayed as verbal proceedings require transcription by a
person. Please be patient until they become available. You may access them at
this link:

Trial Transcripts

Please do not give HLN the
satisfaction of high ratings and the money they generate.

Thank you,



I know I’m stating the obvious here, the prosecution is roasting themselves really. The lies and inconsistencies are so incredibly stupid that one can count on Dr. Murder and his team of idiots lying their way through the entire thing and coming out with a sentence. I mean I’ve heard some really dumb stuff, as I’m sure we all have been shaking our heads through our tears. But having the faith that justice will be served is a provider of comfort for some.

Here are those links I promised…

Provided by Postively Michael:

Judge Bans Attorney’s Commentary:

Provided by @gatorgirl277 (the incredible author of this blog):

Day One:

Day Two:

Justice for Michael Jackson


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