Open Letter to the Media

The following is a necessary worldwide campaign acknowledging a disappointing and recent “trend” among some news media outlets:

For 20+ years, Michael Jackson has been constantly assaulted by the media. They have labeled him with a multitude of names, none of which, correctly indentified the person that existed in reality.  The upcoming trial of Murray has seemed to heightened the need of some in even the mainstream media to denigrade and dehumanize and diminish Michael Jackson by utilizing the tabloid word “Jacko” –  A prominent Michael Jackson vindication warrior has penned an Open Letter to Media and she is requesting Logos from organized groups to be added to the letter. If you are tired of bully tactics by the media to present Michael, who is the victim in a manslaughter trial, as something less than human,then we URGE you to demonstrate your support. – MJJJP Inc.

From- AndJustice4Some



One thought on “Open Letter to the Media

  1. Sugel says:

    Some songs in films are presented so beautifully that we can watch those scenes and listen to the songs any number of times just like watching bad of Michael Jackson You will find one such great song video under India had produced great music directors like S.D.

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