The Trial We’ve Waited Two Years For is Today

Today is the day we watch the Dr. Murder trial begin. The day which brings us mixed emotions– hopeful and positive for beloved Michael, and punishing and hard emotions toward the man who ended his life. In some way or another, he is responsible for the death of Michael Jackson; we will not let the world forget that. We’ve done a good job so far. Look at the many campaigns we’ve gotten started in Michael’s honor. We’re spreading his message of global harmony, love, and unity by show. For us to finally see progression from our efforts is priceless.

Justice for Michael, his family, and fans is more than a concept and a common goal. Being as we are, a very proud, strong, and grateful group of fans, to see this trial end in the way we so desire allows us peace of mind. Not to mention some legal actions that may help us cope with the fact that we had to wait two years to finally see the day where Michael’s murderer would be tried in a court of law for a crime the world knows he committed.

With the history of Michael Jackson, the media, and the courtroom, I will refrain from watching and providing ratings for the media hogs who are more than likely to continue to twist Michael Jackson stories into scandals. Therefore, in order not to contribute to the mediocrity of the medialoids, I will look to sources such as those listed under Friends of FB4MJ. You know, sources who have never been caught bashing Michael in his time of need, but instead helped him and provided as much support as they did then as they do now (if not more) for the family and fan-mily, if you know what I mean. Those credible, Michael Jackson media oriented around the true, unfabricated or slanted– truth. The facts. Plain and simple.


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