September 3

Ladies and gentlemen, today is another one of those days (if not everyday) where we take time out to remember the greatest man of our generation. Michael was laid to rest this day in 2009. Is there no more appropriate way to celebrate his life than to have your own private (or public) week-long celebration of his life? From his birthday which took place this past Monday, to today, the day he was finally put to rest, being happy and grateful we had the privilege to witness his greatness within our lifetime– something those in the future generations will envy.

Keeping the family, especially Michael’s children, dear to our hearts on days like this, we set aside our views on whatever issue and come together to spiritually thank Michael for all his accomplishments and talents, which helped make this world a better place. One major part of keeping Michael’s legacy alive is having some part in helping those that he helped give a voice for. As an admirer and fan of Michael, I do my best to help set an example that demonstrates to people that there is more than what’s televised when it comes to Michael.

Although this day is expected to come with sadness and mourning, reflecting on the great that Michael has done and all the battles he has won make that smile of his like a secret handshake us and him.

So, Smile. We know Michael is watching.


2 thoughts on “September 3

  1. Thank you for posting this…i’m happy that i can share thoughts with people who i think feel the same way as i do for michael. I miss him so much ='(

  2. Thank you so much for this post! This past week has been a rollercoaster for a lot of us. Your blog is beautiful. Keep up the good work. You might want to add a listing for our sister organization, MJIL: the Michael Jackson International Legion. They are a watchdog group. Visit

    Thanks and keep Michaeling!

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