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So You’re Looking for Updates on the Trial…

Well, I won’t write but a few thoughts I have on the hearsay from Twitter (because that’s where it’s quickest to know what’s happening, given people that I follow insist upon giving the rundown minute by minute), but if you are looking for in-depth thinking, and perhaps a little longer write-up, you have come to the right place for links to those sites that do such!

First off, there is a matter at hand that if you are not aware of, you need to be aware of and notify everyone around you of this; the time has come to boycott HLN. They are using re: 2005 tactics and, “surprisingly” are putting Michael’s life under a microscope for all to gawk at.

The following is a newsletter sent out to all those who subscribe to the MJ Truth Now Newsletter:

With the trial of Conrad Murray
underway, it has been a tough few days for supporters of Michael Jackson. While
Judge Pastor masterfully controls proceedings in the courtroom to reflect that
Murray is the man on trial for involuntary manslaughter of the victim, Michael
Jackson, the media is busy outside the courtroom once again putting Michael
Jackson on trial.

When recently considering the
defense’s motion to sequester the jury to protect them from Nancy Grace, Judge
Pastor rejected the motion. He trusted the jury to act responsibly by not
pursuing information about the case outside the courtroom. In making the
decision he had this to say about the media, “Talking heads frequently talk out
of other parts of the body.”

The audio recording of Michael speaking played during the first day of the trial,
invited pundits to weigh in on their opinion that he was a drug addict. Hosts on
HLN were using terms such as “junkie,” “addict,” and “king of dope” in reference
to Michael based on one recording. HLN and TruTV, in particular, have no
interest in focusing on the trial of Dr. Murray. They are devoted to turning it
into a trial examining Michael Jackson’s life.

The public should wake up, trust
their own ability to evaluate what they see and hear, and discard these cut-rate
pundits, self-styled experts and fakirs whose purpose is not to inform, but to
lead viewers by the nose to advertisers. We do not need Grace and her one
dimensional cartoon colleagues — Velez-Mitchell, Behar, Positan, Ryan, Dimond,
and Pop Doc Drew to explain the Conrad Murray Trial, what we are seeing and how
we should feel about it. Anyone interested in seeing the Justice System at work
and unfiltered should watch on free streaming video and come to your own

Try the two links below for this
experience. It’s commercial free, opinion free, discussion free, spin free, and
Grace-free. This is where you are free to make your own decision about what you
are hearing and learning.

Stream Link 1:

Stream Link 2:

a trial schedule, go to this link:

TII Human Nature

You may also wish to read the
documents and transcripts of the trial. Records of the day’s court proceedings
will be slightly delayed as verbal proceedings require transcription by a
person. Please be patient until they become available. You may access them at
this link:

Trial Transcripts

Please do not give HLN the
satisfaction of high ratings and the money they generate.

Thank you,



I know I’m stating the obvious here, the prosecution is roasting themselves really. The lies and inconsistencies are so incredibly stupid that one can count on Dr. Murder and his team of idiots lying their way through the entire thing and coming out with a sentence. I mean I’ve heard some really dumb stuff, as I’m sure we all have been shaking our heads through our tears. But having the faith that justice will be served is a provider of comfort for some.

Here are those links I promised…

Provided by Postively Michael:

Judge Bans Attorney’s Commentary:

Provided by @gatorgirl277 (the incredible author of this blog):

Day One:

Day Two:

Justice for Michael Jackson


So the Trial is Actually Tomorrow

In an earlier post, I made a mistake, and I apologize for such. I thought that the trial began on the 8th of September, but is actually set to begin tomorrow. As I’ve said before, I won’t be following the trial by watching the news. I will only be hearing my information through credible sources that revolve around the truth and Michael Jackson. Any other media, as far as I’m concerned, is likely to be tainted. Especially if it is any main media outlet who let any old crook be deemed a “Michael Jackson expert”. As a fan who has doused myself in all things Michael Jackson nonstop for the past two years, I don’t even consider myself a Michael Jackson expert, though many have tried to don me so. I won’t accept that, because the only person who has merit enough to be a Michael Jackson expert is the man himself.

Anyways, I’m very cautious of the timing of this trial. In the wake of the Casey Anthony trial and the execution of Troy Davis, justice isn’t showing the face that many of us want to see. We know crimes were committed, but who was deemed guilty and who was not is opposite of what the end results of either cases happened to be.

Will this happen again? Will what we feel needs to happen, not happen? Will the end result break our hearts or lift us up, and because of our elevated feelings, will the message finally be reached that Michael Jackson never was the monster the media made him out to be? I like all others in th MJ community have hope that a “change is gonna come”, but am I the only one who feels that the media will make this into a case about Michael Jackson’s private life, and not about the actual matter at hand? How he died?

Matt Semino, a journalist for the Huff Post is trying his best to help the common citizen only aware of the tabloid aspect of Michael Jackson to remember that the trial is not for Michael Jackson, but for the man who is accused of slaughtering him. The piece is titled “Defending the Victim in the Conrad Murray Trial”. The title explains it all: Not only has Matt Semino written this piece in the hype of the now here, trial, but he has also written a previous piece about Michael shortly after his passing titled “Michael Jackson: Wounded Messenger” which is a beautiful must read for anyone, as well as MJ fans:

As for what to expect from the trial as far as format and the jurors, I think MJJ-777 explains it best in the piece  “And so it begins…” which goes into  interesting detail about the jurors, their ethnicities, and whether or not they are fans of Michael Jackson.

So as always, we can only hope and pray for the best in regards to Michael and his legacy tomorrow and the entire remainder of the trial. An effort to kick off the global feeling of togetherness and love for our fellow MJ community member, tonight (starting at midnight) on Twitter, there will be a Twitterthon to trend the hashtag #Justice4MJ. Please join and show the world and the Jackson family your support for them.

Open Letter to the Media

The following is a necessary worldwide campaign acknowledging a disappointing and recent “trend” among some news media outlets:

For 20+ years, Michael Jackson has been constantly assaulted by the media. They have labeled him with a multitude of names, none of which, correctly indentified the person that existed in reality.  The upcoming trial of Murray has seemed to heightened the need of some in even the mainstream media to denigrade and dehumanize and diminish Michael Jackson by utilizing the tabloid word “Jacko” –  A prominent Michael Jackson vindication warrior has penned an Open Letter to Media and she is requesting Logos from organized groups to be added to the letter. If you are tired of bully tactics by the media to present Michael, who is the victim in a manslaughter trial, as something less than human,then we URGE you to demonstrate your support. – MJJJP Inc.

From- AndJustice4Some


Michael Jackson- Like Glove Saves Football Player

I stumbled across this interestingly light article about the power of a glove–a Michael Jackson-like glove that is! Hope you enjoy.


Sam Bradford wasn’t supposed to begin throwing passes until the end of this week. Instead, the healing power of Michael Jackson’s favorite accessory made it possible for him actually to begin airing out his arm on Wednesday.

Which is great news for the Rams, considering it was initially thought that the second-year quarterback might have suffered nerve damage in his right index finger during last Sunday’s loss to the Eagles.

You think Rams fans were relieved? How about the man in question?

“I really was worried about it,” Bradford said, via the St. Louis Post Dispatch. “I wouldn’t have come out of the game if it wasn’t serious. I couldn’t feel (the finger). I couldn’t move it that night, and so I really was concerned. But our training staff’s done a great job. It’s starting to come around.”

For that, he can thank the glove he had to wear while he rehabbed the finger. The glove that is dunked in water, wrung out, plugged into an electrical stimulation unit and worn on the hand while the recipient feels an electrical current that forces him to moon-walk across the training room floor (the glove is supposed to reduce the swelling in the hand, which is why the patient is explicitly told not to grab his crotch and scream at any point during the process). The glove that looks like the fashion statement Michael Jackson used to make.

“Everyone says I look like Michael Jackson, “Bradford said. “They send like an electrical current through it; I don’t really know what it does, though. They say it works, and obviously my hand feels better, so I trust ’em. So I guess it is working.”

It worked for Michael Jackson, for sure. Whether it will work to keep Bradford’s throwing hand healthy when St. Louis faces the Giants on Monday, that remains to be seen. But if it’s Michael Jackson-endorsed, I don’t see how wearing a white glove wouldn’t turn you into a star (if only this was the Motown 25 show from 1983 and not Monday Night Football).

But as far you actually seeing Bradford wear the glove on Sunday? Nope.

“Uh-uh,” Bradford said. “There’s no way. I’ve tried it, and it’s not pretty. It’s not for me.”

Bradford is right about one thing. The Michael Jackson glove isn’t pretty. It’s awesome, and we feel he should wear the glove, regardless of whether he’s comfortable (or whether he can grip the ball).

The Trial We’ve Waited Two Years For is Today

Today is the day we watch the Dr. Murder trial begin. The day which brings us mixed emotions– hopeful and positive for beloved Michael, and punishing and hard emotions toward the man who ended his life. In some way or another, he is responsible for the death of Michael Jackson; we will not let the world forget that. We’ve done a good job so far. Look at the many campaigns we’ve gotten started in Michael’s honor. We’re spreading his message of global harmony, love, and unity by show. For us to finally see progression from our efforts is priceless.

Justice for Michael, his family, and fans is more than a concept and a common goal. Being as we are, a very proud, strong, and grateful group of fans, to see this trial end in the way we so desire allows us peace of mind. Not to mention some legal actions that may help us cope with the fact that we had to wait two years to finally see the day where Michael’s murderer would be tried in a court of law for a crime the world knows he committed.

With the history of Michael Jackson, the media, and the courtroom, I will refrain from watching and providing ratings for the media hogs who are more than likely to continue to twist Michael Jackson stories into scandals. Therefore, in order not to contribute to the mediocrity of the medialoids, I will look to sources such as those listed under Friends of FB4MJ. You know, sources who have never been caught bashing Michael in his time of need, but instead helped him and provided as much support as they did then as they do now (if not more) for the family and fan-mily, if you know what I mean. Those credible, Michael Jackson media oriented around the true, unfabricated or slanted– truth. The facts. Plain and simple.

September 3

Ladies and gentlemen, today is another one of those days (if not everyday) where we take time out to remember the greatest man of our generation. Michael was laid to rest this day in 2009. Is there no more appropriate way to celebrate his life than to have your own private (or public) week-long celebration of his life? From his birthday which took place this past Monday, to today, the day he was finally put to rest, being happy and grateful we had the privilege to witness his greatness within our lifetime– something those in the future generations will envy.

Keeping the family, especially Michael’s children, dear to our hearts on days like this, we set aside our views on whatever issue and come together to spiritually thank Michael for all his accomplishments and talents, which helped make this world a better place. One major part of keeping Michael’s legacy alive is having some part in helping those that he helped give a voice for. As an admirer and fan of Michael, I do my best to help set an example that demonstrates to people that there is more than what’s televised when it comes to Michael.

Although this day is expected to come with sadness and mourning, reflecting on the great that Michael has done and all the battles he has won make that smile of his like a secret handshake us and him.

So, Smile. We know Michael is watching.