Murdoch Scandal– Opening More Doors Than Closing

As many of you may already be aware, this unfolding Murdoch scandal has affected many lives and finally action is being taken to stop the disgusting practices of the filthy tabloid media.

Rupert Murdoch, the founder of News Corporation (NC) which controls of News of The World (NOTW) will be placed under investigation for the illegal and unethical practices in which he and his minions received their information. What some of you may not know is that the NOTW publication was the first tabloid press to use “Wacko Jacko” when referring to sick and evil representations of Michael. The NC was one of the many contributors to the destruction of Michael’s reputation. 

Luckily, something is being done; the US as well as British Parliament will be taking part in prosecuting Murdoch and those  responsible parties.

What went down was not only the invasion of privacy of many celebrities, but also to thousands of common everyday people such as families of victims of the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers. But the madness doesn’t stop there. The story that’s got everyone’s attention, is the story of Milly Dowler– a thirteen year old british girl who was abducted, murdered, and found six months later naked in the woods. Other reports claim that NOTW paid crooked private investigators to hack into Milly’s phone cell phone and listen to her voice messages. The NOTW was listening and recording her voice mails with the assumed intention of publishing variations of these messages.

As the mailbox of the missing girl filled up, the appetite of the sadistic beasts grew, and they resorted to deleting earlier messages left from the day Milly Dowler went missing, which led her family to believe that it was actually Milly deleting these messages herself and was still alive. You can only imagine the false hope her family received from this scandal. That is why now is the time to act on smashing not only the NC, but all other tabloids that we can safely assume may have practiced or thought about practicing behavior like thisNow is our time to act on the opportunity to expose all tabloids for what they are.

All this following the Casey Anthony “Not Guilty” verdict is somehow perfect timing for voices to be heard. The public forums have never been busier with outraged citizens everywhere. And the media is listening. As far as the Murdoch scandal goes, the government is listening too. This gives us the opportunity to weigh  in like never before and leave no stone unturned as far as exposing the vicious and despicable tabloids for what they are.

This is where groups like The 500 for MJ come in. The 500 for MJ is a group of fans who are interested in leaving comments on behalf of fair and accurate journalism when it comes to Michael Jackson and the disgusting and wrong reporting we as fans are sadly all too familiar with. The goal is to report any miscommunications or errors in the stories posted on the web and to expose idiots like Bashit and Dimond the Demon for their unethics. Oddly and funny enough, stations have sequestered Demond and Bashit (as “reliable sources”) to comment on the recent happenings as if they were so justly qualified to report on ETHICS of all things! (I will provide places to leave comments about tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum here in a moment).

Anyways, before I get off on a tangent, The 500 for MJ is a worthwhile cause and what better way to voice your opinion than to do so in large numbers? The contact information is listed below. If you have more questions as to how to get involved in fighting against the mediocrity of the medialoids, here is the moderator’s email address:

And as for commenting on the commentary Bashit and Demond were giving…

here is the site for Bashit rebuttal:

and the site for Demond rebuttal:

In our efforts to fight for the exposure of these tabloids, it is obviously essential we inform ourselves as much as possible. So a word of advice, stay posted on the happenings as they unfold and comment like crazy!  I know I will. With that being said, here is a list (provided by The 500 for MJ) that details News Corporation holdings:



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