Two Years Ago Today: Michael’s Memorial

As many of us recognize this July 7 as the second anniversary of Michael’s memorial, we set aside special time throughout this day to reflect on what has changed since much of the world took part in the global mourning of Michael.

All at the same time, much as the world watched the royal wedding, the world cried for Michael Jackson as the memorial celebrating his life was broadcast throughout the world. People took time out from school and work to watch as if it were the only moment they could pay their respects to Michael. Whether it was wearing a single glitter glove, a black fedora, or rolling pants legs up to expose white socks, people throughout the world stood physically and emotionally still for the duration of the memorial.  And not to mention all the amplified emotions that took place at the Staples Center all within the few hours the memorial took place. It was a memorable event for world history. 

All in all, honoring Michael’s legacy comes above all. Despite our many conflicts and muffed feelings,  the preservation of Michael’s legacy as fans alongside his family is what those who still doubt and disrespect need to constantly be reminded of. It is solely this way that Michael’s memory and legacy will get the global and total respect that he deserves and not a speck less.


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