Panini America to Sell MJ Memorabilia Cards

This brand new innovative idea of Panini America’s has stirred controversy already within just a week of its announcement to sell these one of a kind Michael Jackson trading cards.

The Official Michael Jackson Trading Card Set hits Target stores this week. But before you get too exited and eager to run out and purchase them, you might want to know that bits of Michael’s clothes are attached to each card.

Apparently, two years ago, executives from Panini America bought a wardrobe worth of Michael’s outfits and costumes from 1971 through 1974, which were sold at an auction. Many of the clothes purchased Michael wore to performances on ‘The Flip Wilson Show’, ‘American Bandstand’, and ‘Soul Train’.

So in fact, Michael’s clothing from his youth has been cut up and placed in trading cards which have allegedly been supported by the estate.

Personally, I think this idea is quite interesting. I have no knowledge of trading cards of this creation to have existed before, so its nice that Michael’s name is still being associated with innovation.  Also, if what Panini America holds true and these really are Michael’s clothes, and the idea itself was “okay-ed” by the Estate, then I have a hard time suppressing my excitement.

However,we cannot allow for industries, corporations and companies to continue the use of Michael’s brand to feed their greedy lifestyles. They are making money over something we are not even sure Michael would have wanted to happen. And the truth of the matter is that we are not completely certain this was authorized by the estate. Purchasing the clothes is one thing, but attaching Michael’s name without the Estates permission is obviously derived from alternate greedy, money- grabbing motives which we will take no part in.

Although I have just heard of this idea, I’m still cautious and unsure how I feel about the issue. Leave a comment and let me know what you think about the matter? Does this sound fishy or is this the briliant idea you have been waiting for?



One thought on “Panini America to Sell MJ Memorabilia Cards

  1. jasmine says:

    i think it will be very cool to have these i do see your point about the estate but i sure will get at least one box :]

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