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Rest in Peace Michael Joseph Jackson

Michael, I pray that God Almighty bless you with the knowledge that you are truly, unconditionally loved by all those you have blessed with your efforts, talents, and overall being. Michael Joseph Jackson, I Love You.


Panini America to Sell MJ Memorabilia Cards

This brand new innovative idea of Panini America’s has stirred controversy already within just a week of its announcement to sell these one of a kind Michael Jackson trading cards.

The Official Michael Jackson Trading Card Set hits Target stores this week. But before you get too exited and eager to run out and purchase them, you might want to know that bits of Michael’s clothes are attached to each card.

Apparently, two years ago, executives from Panini America bought a wardrobe worth of Michael’s outfits and costumes from 1971 through 1974, which were sold at an auction. Many of the clothes purchased Michael wore to performances on ‘The Flip Wilson Show’, ‘American Bandstand’, and ‘Soul Train’.

So in fact, Michael’s clothing from his youth has been cut up and placed in trading cards which have allegedly been supported by the estate.

Personally, I think this idea is quite interesting. I have no knowledge of trading cards of this creation to have existed before, so its nice that Michael’s name is still being associated with innovation.  Also, if what Panini America holds true and these really are Michael’s clothes, and the idea itself was “okay-ed” by the Estate, then I have a hard time suppressing my excitement.

However,we cannot allow for industries, corporations and companies to continue the use of Michael’s brand to feed their greedy lifestyles. They are making money over something we are not even sure Michael would have wanted to happen. And the truth of the matter is that we are not completely certain this was authorized by the estate. Purchasing the clothes is one thing, but attaching Michael’s name without the Estates permission is obviously derived from alternate greedy, money- grabbing motives which we will take no part in.

Although I have just heard of this idea, I’m still cautious and unsure how I feel about the issue. Leave a comment and let me know what you think about the matter? Does this sound fishy or is this the briliant idea you have been waiting for?


Get Your Michael Jackson Fan Fest Now!

On December 3, 2011, the first ever estate authorized Michael Jackson Fan Fest. For a limited time only, the events will take place at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Fans can expect closer looks at personal memorabilia, items from the Neverland Ranch, re-created short film sets, and an exclusive behind the scenes look at the Immortal World Tour creations. There will also be many opportunities for Q&A session with the creative team behind Michael Jackson the Immortal World Tour.

Fans will also get a chance to engage in contests centered around the Michael Jackson: The Experience game for Xbox Kinect.

This event sounds like nothing to miss! The pre sale  continues; the information is as follows:

Fan Fest

The pre-sale starts June 7th tickets will then be available to the general public again June 11th.

To Purchase go here –

During pre-sale days you must use a password will be required to make a purchase.



“Soaring Over Neverland”

A few days ago I came across a beautifully written post on Positively Michael detailing a member’s ride over Neverland via helicopter. Needless to say, the written experience this writer describes leaves you just a tad bit jealous!


Yes, I was nervous. I fly very often as part of my job, and had flown in a small 6-seat plane before, but never in a 4-seat helicopter! But now that I’ve done it, I can say I’d do it again in an instant.

Dan, our pilot, and Travis who called himself the “cargo loader” or something like that (LOL) immediately put us at ease. Honestly, I think they were expecting wailing lunatics carrying ‘He is Innocent’ placards or something, and were surprised to find that we were (well, relatively) normal. Travis prepped us by explaining how to board and how to fasten the seat belt and put on the headphones-with-microphone that we would use to talk to each other over the noise.

Then we made the walk to our transportation, on a small airstrip in the private plane area at Santa Barbara Municipal Airport. LOL, we all ducked as we got in range of the propeller blades (no doubt, as a result of watching too many TV shows that show someone hunching down low to board a copter) but it wasn’t really necessary, as the blades were wayyyyy over our heads. I got in, buckled up, put on the ‘phones, and took a deep breath.

And we took off, with the nose pointed down ever so slightly, just like you see on TV. Honestly, it was as smooth as silk, much smoother than taking off in a jet. Up we went, over the mountains west of Santa Barbara. The altitude was the same as it would be a minute before you land in a plane, but because the windows were so much bigger than those little airplane portholes, I.COULD.SEE. I remembered the movie “Out of Africa,” the portion where they are up in the little bitty plane, and the camera pans scenes of the terrain below. The view was just epic: the mountain peaks and valleys, a small lake.

And then…. Dan alerted us we were near the ranch. I think we all just held our breath. We approached from the southwest, over one more mountain, and there it was.

It looked like a sprawling green oasis in the middle of dry high desert. The first things I remember seeing were the helipad, and then several circles of metal fence, where the rides used to be (/weepy). We turned – north, I think – and circled. We did about 3 circles over the whole ranch (I think it was 3, I was too excited to count), each a bit lower. The last was low enough to get a really good view of the huge main house, the pool, the small lake, the train station, the clock garden (and the time on the clock was correct!!!), the main gate and the long winding road to the parking area, everything! We all just grinned upon seeing that the grounds were obviously well-tended. As I think another member has already said, Dan was very conscientious about keeping us at an altitude that maintained a respectful distance, wasn’t stalker-ish or in any way intrusive, yet was low enough to get a really good look.

I wasn’t prepared for the range and intensity of the emotions I felt as I looked out the window. I was awed, elated, grief-stricken-all-over-again, thinking “what if” thoughts, feeling as if I was saying goodbye for about the millionth time yet for the millionth time not able to let go. As another PosMike member has said already, I felt one step closer to truly knowing who Michael was, what motivated him, what made him happy.

On the ride back we played MJ tunes and were all weepy and smiley at the same time. Our touch-down back on the airstrip was, just like the takeoff, smooth and easy, easier than any experience landing in a plane.

If you decide to do this, here are a few more things I can tell you to help you prepare.

You’ll feel a little wobbly and weird for about 30 minutes to an hour after you land. I think it’s because of the altitude, and it’s normal. Just drink some water and you’ll be fine.

Bring a small camera with a zoom lens, if you have one. The pics will be better with a real camera than with a mobile phone camera.

There’s enough room in the helicopter for your purse or a small tote, but no more than that, so don’t bring much besides your sweet self.

Be prepared for a combination of intense and conflicting emotions as you see the ranch. Just breathe.

I can’t find any other words to describe how exhilarating this experience was, both physically and emotionally. I will never forget it.

This Day in MJ HIStory…

June 3rd marks the nineteenth anniversary of another accomplishment of Michael’s. Today, back in 1992, Michael was recognized with an award by “Operation One To One” for his efforts in helping disadvantaged youth.

Michael and Elizabeth at the Operation One To One ceremony, June 3rd, 1992



Had You Heard of This? Global Michael Jackson Day at Disney!

It appears that Disney Worlds and Disneylands all around the globe will be paying homage to King Michael on the 28th of June 2011.

Watch the trailer here:

Do you plan on attending?