Youtube Clean Up- Begins Tomorrow

By now, the drill should be common knowledge. This weekend fans all over will take place in the Youtube clean up of hideously heinous videos created by haters or better known to the MJ fan-mily as “Closet Fans.” But fans or not, they still clearly need to be reminded this behavior is grossly disturbing on their part, and only makes them look like fools.

Here are the directions once more:

On Friday 13th May 2011, @111HV said:

May 14 & 15, 2011 23:59 EST (midnight)

Please note, the following links are to Youtube account subscribers, also known as channels. Each channel has videos that need to be flagged, reported & disliked. The ‘uploaded’ videos are the videos that need to be reported — not the favorites. If you wish to report the channel owner’s favorite videos, please do so after all uploaded videos have been reported.

*Instructions on how to flag, report & dislike videos on Youtube.*

Create YouTube Account – Click on one of the links provided below and then follow these simple instructions:

#1 Stop video from playing (some videos automatically start)

#2 Dislike the video (thumbs down)

#3 Move across to Flag icon to your right & click it.

#4 A drop down box will appear. Select ‘hateful or abusive content.’

#5 From there, move your cursor across to the right and select: ‘Promotes Hatred or Violence’

#6 A further drop down list will appear:

– age
– colour
– disability
– ethnic origin
– gender identity
– national origin
– race
– religion
– sex
– sexual orientation
– veteran status

You can select either race, gender identity, or sexual orientation, as these youtube users are promoting a gross falsehood about Michael Jackson and sexual abuse, and are often racist and homophobic. Your choices here are not ideal but youtube will not accept your report if you do not make a selection.

#7 On the upper right hand side select “switch to grid view”

#8 Once in “grid view” located on the upper left hand side of the screen, under the word “uploaded” are the videos that the abusive user has uploaded to Youtube and that need to be reported. Due to lack of spacing and depending on how many videos are uploaded, some of the videos may or may not be hidden. To assure you’re reporting the correct amount of uploaded videos, while still in “grid view” select “ALL” the quantity is located in parenthesis ( ) to the left. Example: UPLOADS (10) FAVORITES (6)

#9 Select the next Youtube channel subscriber and repeat steps 1 through 8

*Here are the Users Channels to work through:*
The channels marked with an ‘x’ contain no uploaded videos but still have offensive videos that need to be reported, flagged and disliked. x x x x x x x x x x

Please continue to follow the twitter users mentioned in the Big Weekend Promo twitlongers for updates about when the next Big YT Weekend will be. We are so grateful for your participation!


” If we don’t do it, who will. ”

Keep MJ in your heart.


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