Trial Pushed Back…AGAIN

Unbelievable. That’s the only word I can think of when I hear the news of Dr. Murder’s trial being postponed even further. Why is so much time allowed to pass for a thing like this? Why was it that virtually no time was wasted in the attempt of prosecuting Michael? What on earth is the deal?

As of today, a Los Angeles county judge pushed back the trial until September of this year at the wishes of the defense attorneys representing the devil. Apparently, the defense is not prepared to begin with opening statements, which were to take place this upcoming Monday essentially because the prosecution was hastily breaking down their main arguments. Now, this has to make you wonder– if its taking this long for the defense to come up with a lie to make Conrad Murray seem less guilty than we already know he is 1) it’s not working and 2) something’s gotta give, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks that this is getting out of hand and ridiculous. How can the judge not see through this little rouge? If its taking the defense this long, then you also have to wonder the competence of these attorneys.

All of the blame can be put on the defense. Prosecutors contended the medical experts proposed no new theories, and in fact the defense caused the situation by invoking Murder’s right to a speedy trial. One of the experts told the judge last week that it was impossible to die from ingesting propofol, which was what the defense began the preliminary hearing with as their main argument. Can you say fail?

The jurors selected will now be excused for the May 9th date, and a new panel of jurors will be selected for the September trial.

Once again. Unbelievable.



One thought on “Trial Pushed Back…AGAIN

  1. This means that when he expected to seat a jury in six days its precisely what we expected him to do although a lot of us may have thought otherwise. Jurors are interviewed by judges and attorneys before assigning the case to them. Voir dire is a French term meaning to speak truth. When the judge placed a half-hour time limit on each jurors questioning he had to take to task that this could also raise a flag or two later on.

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