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Happy Birthday Rebbie And LaToya!


Best Wishes!

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Youtube Clean Up- Begins Tomorrow

By now, the drill should be common knowledge. This weekend fans all over will take place in the Youtube clean up of hideously heinous videos created by haters or better known to the MJ fan-mily as “Closet Fans.” But fans or not, they still clearly need to be reminded this behavior is grossly disturbing on their part, and only makes them look like fools.

Here are the directions once more:

On Friday 13th May 2011, @111HV said:

May 14 & 15, 2011 23:59 EST (midnight)

Please note, the following links are to Youtube account subscribers, also known as channels. Each channel has videos that need to be flagged, reported & disliked. The ‘uploaded’ videos are the videos that need to be reported — not the favorites. If you wish to report the channel owner’s favorite videos, please do so after all uploaded videos have been reported.

*Instructions on how to flag, report & dislike videos on Youtube.*

Create YouTube Account – Click on one of the links provided below and then follow these simple instructions:

#1 Stop video from playing (some videos automatically start)

#2 Dislike the video (thumbs down)

#3 Move across to Flag icon to your right & click it.

#4 A drop down box will appear. Select ‘hateful or abusive content.’

#5 From there, move your cursor across to the right and select: ‘Promotes Hatred or Violence’

#6 A further drop down list will appear:

– age
– colour
– disability
– ethnic origin
– gender identity
– national origin
– race
– religion
– sex
– sexual orientation
– veteran status

You can select either race, gender identity, or sexual orientation, as these youtube users are promoting a gross falsehood about Michael Jackson and sexual abuse, and are often racist and homophobic. Your choices here are not ideal but youtube will not accept your report if you do not make a selection.

#7 On the upper right hand side select “switch to grid view”

#8 Once in “grid view” located on the upper left hand side of the screen, under the word “uploaded” are the videos that the abusive user has uploaded to Youtube and that need to be reported. Due to lack of spacing and depending on how many videos are uploaded, some of the videos may or may not be hidden. To assure you’re reporting the correct amount of uploaded videos, while still in “grid view” select “ALL” the quantity is located in parenthesis ( ) to the left. Example: UPLOADS (10) FAVORITES (6)

#9 Select the next Youtube channel subscriber and repeat steps 1 through 8

*Here are the Users Channels to work through:*
The channels marked with an ‘x’ contain no uploaded videos but still have offensive videos that need to be reported, flagged and disliked. x x x x x x x x x x

Please continue to follow the twitter users mentioned in the Big Weekend Promo twitlongers for updates about when the next Big YT Weekend will be. We are so grateful for your participation!


” If we don’t do it, who will. ”

Keep MJ in your heart.

Insightful interview with Siggy Jackson

A recent interview with Siggy Jackson, Jackie Jackson’s son, is sure to leave you impressed at the things he’s accomplished on his own with minimal help from his famous name.


Interview: Poetry In Motion: The Real Dealz

It’s a story we’re all familiar with; the humble beginnings of a family in Gary, Indiana that skyrockets to pop star status thus forever changing the scope of the entertainment business forever.

You got it, I’m talking about the infamous Jackson Family, and until recently, there hasn’t been a Jackson presence in the world of hip hop.

Allow me to introduce to you a man that has effortlessly captured the essence of what it means to pour your heart and soul into your craft. He’s not the soft spoken type of Jackson that we are all used to, instead, Siggy Jackson better known as ‘Dealz’ is one of the most keeping-it-real type of men I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to. He’s the Jackson that you just never know what he might say, but he’s got an old soul that’s full of insightful knowledge and a ton of energy. Dealz is the son of Jackie Jackson, yes that means the late undisputed King of Pop, Michael Jackson is his uncle, but that’s not the point of this interview.

Who is Dealz?

Dealz is a talented rapper and songwriter, as well as a motorcycle and car enthusiast, but you may

recognize him from the late Aaliyah’s video for One in a Million, the film Biker Boyz, or even The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty reality show

just to name a few of his entertainment ventures.

In a family full of singers, Dealz was the one that ventured into his own lane, “When we did talent shows when I was a kid, in front of my aunts and uncles, that’s nerve wracking enough, but everyone else was singing and I always rapped. Singing has never been my strong suit, and I won’t hide behind a façade and say it is. Besides, rap is in my heart, to me it’s more poetic,” says Dealz.

And boy does Dealz have a way with words. His new single, That’s How I Feel features his father Jackie and his uncle Jermaine Jackson. Combined with their smooth sultry timeless vocals, Dealz adds lyrics that give off a sensual poetic vibe, “My father and uncle came to me with the song already finished, they said they didn’t know what else to do with it, so I said, let me have it, I know exactly what to do with it. The song is me basically telling my father how I feel about women.  You don’t have to call women names and demean and degrade them just to have a song.” In a time when rap lyrics have taken a turn for the worst in my opinion, this song is a breath of fresh air. It’s nice to hear a song that respects women and appreciates them as a whole. Hopefully, others will take notice and change their tune, but I digress.

Click above to hear his new single “That’s How I Feel”, click here to buy/download.

While Dealz may have been influenced by the likes of EMPD, Run DMC, Tupac, and Biggie, he also has had the opportunity of a lifetime that most artists will never get to witness up close and personal; the infamous Jackson magic in the studio, “It’s a great feeling watching my father and uncle work together again after all these years, seeing them being able to pull everything together is awesome.

But don’t think that Dealz jumped into the music game because of his family’s name. In fact, he says, “Music has always been a part of me, but I decided to pursue it because I wanted to bring a change to music. It’s not about the money or material things, for me music is more about helping others, if they get something out of the music, then I’ve done my job,” spoken like a man that knows how to follow his heart and passion.

Mr. Jackson is also all about paving his own way. “Nothing has ever been handed to me; I have worked hard for everything that I have. I’ve even done street promotions for other artists. It’s important that I do continue to represent my family, but more importantly continue to respect the name and brand that they have worked to build.”

His much-anticipated debut album is expected to be released on an independent label sometime this summer, but with several more singles to be released first. When Dealz isn’t in the studio or performing, you can find him following his other passion: “anything that burns gas, motorcycles, muscle cars, you name it.” While he’s no stranger to burning up the road himself, he’s also an avid race fan that enjoys watching everything from Rally Racing to NASCAR.

Dealz is also fueling his passion for cars by honoring Michael Jackson’s memory, “We just built a custom dedication vehicle to my Uncle Michael named Melody. It’s a 2005 black and red Mustang with custom interior, with about 550 Horsepower under the hood.” I’m sure Michael would have loved it since that car is Bad! (Pun totally intended! See video below!)

Oh yes ladies, Dealz is single, but he’s married to his music for right now. For now,  (or right after you run to iTunes and purchase ‘That’s How I Feel‘) you can follow him on twitter @officialdealz and catch he and his father Jackie on The Monique Show , May 4th 11pm on BET.

As for me, you can find me over on or on twitter @mofochronicles.

Trial Pushed Back…AGAIN

Unbelievable. That’s the only word I can think of when I hear the news of Dr. Murder’s trial being postponed even further. Why is so much time allowed to pass for a thing like this? Why was it that virtually no time was wasted in the attempt of prosecuting Michael? What on earth is the deal?

As of today, a Los Angeles county judge pushed back the trial until September of this year at the wishes of the defense attorneys representing the devil. Apparently, the defense is not prepared to begin with opening statements, which were to take place this upcoming Monday essentially because the prosecution was hastily breaking down their main arguments. Now, this has to make you wonder– if its taking this long for the defense to come up with a lie to make Conrad Murray seem less guilty than we already know he is 1) it’s not working and 2) something’s gotta give, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks that this is getting out of hand and ridiculous. How can the judge not see through this little rouge? If its taking the defense this long, then you also have to wonder the competence of these attorneys.

All of the blame can be put on the defense. Prosecutors contended the medical experts proposed no new theories, and in fact the defense caused the situation by invoking Murder’s right to a speedy trial. One of the experts told the judge last week that it was impossible to die from ingesting propofol, which was what the defense began the preliminary hearing with as their main argument. Can you say fail?

The jurors selected will now be excused for the May 9th date, and a new panel of jurors will be selected for the September trial.

Once again. Unbelievable.