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Diana Ross Ready for Role as Guardian

In Michael’s last will and testament, two people were named as guardians for his children. Those people named were his mother Katherine and Miss Diana Ross. should Katherine, the current provider and guardian, be unable to fulfill her duties, then Diana Ross will take over as legal guardian. Recently word has come out from a Ross insider that she is prepared to take the role in the care and keeping of Michael’s children.

According to this source “Diana has made no moves whatsoever not fulfill her role that Michael intended for her,” the source says. “Michael didn’t trust anyone in his family besides, his mother, to raise the children. Michael loved Diana and chose her for a very specific reason”.

The informant also made clear that Miss Ross will step in if need be.

“She will step in if there’s an immediate need to do so,” the Ross informant said.


Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!

Celebrating Earth Day

We all know how important Mother Earth was to Michael. So this Earth Day (if you haven’t already) do a little something that honors Michael’s legacy, as well as gives back to this “capricious anomaly in the sea of space”.

Take a little time out of your day to plant something in memory of Michael on this Earth Day. May his roots of compassion and care continue to inspire and help all through us, his fan-mily (and family).

Happy Earth Day.

Peaceful Demonstration of L.O.V.E.

It’s no secret that the upcoming trial will attract wanted and unwanted attention. People from all over will be in attendance, whether looking in from the outside or “reporting” from inside–especially the fans. Instead of a gathered protest for the voicing need of justice to be served, how about a more media-friendly solution to expressing ourselves? How about a peaceful demonstration of love?

Brenda Jenkyns, author of the children’s book Ever After, has proposed the idea for all the fans planning on standing outside the courthouse. Here’s what she said:

Those of you planning on being outside the courthouse to support Mrs. Katherine Jackson and the Jackson family in their attendance at the trial, close your eyes for a moment and picture this:Hundreds of Michael Jackson’s fans from around the world gathered together to demonstrate unity and solidarity with their cause in prayerful, respectful silence.Imagine the family approaching the courthouse for what will, undoubtedly, be a very emotionally-trying several months and encountering hundreds of people with heads bowed in reverent memory of their son and father and brother instead of a seething mass of humanity undulating in angry waves with their clenched fists raised in the air.

Imagine Katherine and Prince, Paris and Blanket walking towards the courthouse in Los Angeles surrounded by silent, mindful people who show their awareness of the solemnity of the occasion by holding banners framing pictures of their son and daddy and words like “You Are Not Alone” and “We Are Here With You” and “We Are The World” and “We Remember Michael” and “Michael’s Army of Love” emblazoned in giant letters across them.

Picture clusters of people singing the words to one of Michael’s many songs with messages of peace and forgiveness, holding hands while singing You Are Not Alone or Heal the World or Hold My Hand or “We can change the world, you don’t have to do it by yourself. We can touch the sky. Gonna take all of us to help. We’re the chosen ones.” Wouldn’t that be more healing than hurling bitter feeling?

And for all of us stuck at home and unable to be in Los Angeles for the trial, wouldn’t our spiritual support for the peaceful demonstration pictured above accompanied by visualizing the most beneficial outcome for all concerned be a more healing substitute for the bitter judgments in which we are currently engaging?

Do you want the world to pay attention to what you are demonstrating for? Prayerful silence is the shot heard ‘round the world … deafening. News crews will be totally speechless … they won’t know what to think or say. It would be so beautiful to watch their dumbfounded faces as they tried to comprehend what they were seeing.

Do we want the world … and Michael’s family … to know that we got it?

Do you want to scare the plain, unsparkly socks off the medialoid?

Do you want to shame the Dimonds and Bashirs and Sneddons right out of their lying little hearts?

It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Let’s show Michael that we understand his message of L.O.V.E. and we are ready to show the world.

Words of Advice: If You Don’t Like it, then You Can “Go To Hell”

A statue of singer Michael Jackson was unveiled outside the stadium of English Premier League soccer club Fulham FC. <b>WATCH VIDEO BELOW</b>I’m sure you have all heard by now the details of the unveiling of Michael’s statue at Craven Cottage this past weekend. But if you haven’t, here’s the rundown…

This past Sunday, Mohamed Al Fayed erected his long awaited statue paying homage to Michael outside his stadium Craven Cottage. During the unveliling, all went well, and Al Fayed even got down to a couple of MJ’s tunes. However, as with anything Michael related and positive, negative controversy is sure to follow. Fans of Al Fayed’s club threatened with protests and walkouts because they were unhappy with the statue.

 “Why is it bizarre?” Al Fayed asked reporters after the unveiling. “Football fans will love it. If some stupid fans don’t understand and appreciate such a gift that this guy gave to the world, they can just go to hell.” “I don’t want them to be fans if they don’t understand, and believe the things which I believe in… they can go and support Chelsea or somewhere else,” he said.

A link to the video of the unveiling is provided here:

“People will queue to come and visit it from all over the UK and it is something that I and everybody else should be proud of.” – Mohamed Al Fayed

My kind of guy.

Aphrodite Jones Speaks with Michael’s Doctor

Dr. Patrick Treacy, Michael’s former doctor in Ireland, was recently interviewed by Aphrodite Jones about his thoughts on Propofol and its involvement in the upcoming trial. The Medical Director at the Allesbury Clinic in Dublin is featured many times on Seven’s blog:

Links to the interviews: