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‘Man in the Mirror Celebrate Jackson at Lowry’

Many of you are likely to be familiar with Thriller Live!, the stage show dedicated to Michael and all about Michael touring the UK. However, were you aware that another tribute show titled vows to deliver Michael’s greatest hits in the stylings of impressionists? Hosted at the Lowry, Man In The Mirror chronicles his early years all the way through to his timeless classics. The show is made possible by Spirit Productions, which happens to be the same company producing Spirit of the Dance and Tap Dance Fever. Not to be confused with Men In The Mirror Month, which I believe will take place in June as well. (for more info on that visit the coordinator’s facebook page!/pages/AllForLove/106340832757051)


Today in MJ HIStory…

At least evey MJ fan is aware of how the Moonwalk strutted its way into pop culture. Today in 1983, Michael debuted what would be his most acclaimed move which would catapult him further than anyone could have imagined. Twenty- eight years ago today, the Moonwalk was perfomed publicly for the first time at the Motown 25, Yesterday, Today, and Forever special.

As we all know, it began with Berry Gordy begging a reluctant Michael to participate in ‘Motown 25’. And we’re all familiar of Michael’s adorable admission of crying after his performance because he didn’t land three spins perfectly:

However, one thing he did land perfectly– a long-lasting legacy of unforgettable, undeniable, and incredible talent.

Remembering a True Friend

The news that many of us had the misfortune of hearing pulled and tugged at virtually every heart string of the Michael Jackson community. Today, Elizabeth Taylor, Michael’s truest friend, passed away at the age of 79.

As we all know, Michael and Elizabeth shared what was the most sacred of friendships. Throughout their long lasting relationship, they both shared similar feelings with one another:

“Elizabeth Taylor and I.. we’re like brother and sister, mother and son, lovers… it’s a potpourri.. it’s something very special.”- Michael Jackson


In 1997, at Elizabeth’s 65th Birthday Bash, Michael performed “Elizabeth I love You” a song he only performed once. Elizabeth was someone Michael could depend on, and vice versa for Elizabeth. The fact that she is now gone too is bittersweet. She is free to be with her dear friend amongst the other angels now, but we will surely miss her as an accomplished activist of HIV/AIDS awareness and her strong voiced opinion on Michael’s behalf.

Her funeral will take place Thursday, March 24, 2011. She will be laid to rest at Forest Lawn– alongside Michael.

Elizabeth we love you. You will be dearly missed.

Now Trending: Heal The World. No Explanation Needed.

On Saturday 19th March 2011, @MJJPEACE said:

“We are trending HealTheWorld tomorrow not only to spread Michael’s message, but also to remind people that Japan still needs our help. It seems after the initial shock of these types of disasters people forget…a good example of this is how #prayforJapan only trended a couple of days, even though we know the devastation to the country and the people will last a whole lot longer than that. So, please join in tomorrow (Saturday) and help us trend HealTheWorld from 2PM Eastern time to help Japan by adding links so people can donate to Japan from all around the world! In Michael’s memory, L.O.V.E”

Another Statue to Michael

The statue unveiled in China on the first of this year won’t be the only monument to pay homage to Michael. According to the Fulham chief, another statue will make its debut in Craven Cottage, located in downtown London.

This statue of Michael, in one of his most iconic poses, will be erected on the banks of the River Thames adjacent to the stadium’s Hammersmith and Riverside stands.

The unveiling will take place Sunday, April 3.


Michael and Feddy Mercury Duets to be Released

From the Jackson Source March, 3 2011

According to Roger Taylor, drummer of the rock group Queen, duets featuring Michael and Freddy Mercury are on their way to being released for all to enjoy.

“We are now working on some never-before-released songs that Freddy made with Michael in the early 80′s. I’m not allowed to say too much about it but they sound incredible!”

Demos for song such as “Victory”, “State of Shock”, and “There Must Be More To Life Than This” were shortly forgotten about after their production, as both artists had tours and other work to take care of. These unfinished demos are soon to delight the ears of both Michael and Freddy fans alike.

Michael Jackson’s Days: Early March 2001

In London, England on March 7, 2001, fans alike celebrated the tenth anniversary of Michael Jackson Day at the Hammersmoth Apollo exactly one day after Michael’s Oxford Union speech, whose tenth anniversary occurred yesterday.

The event was packed with 3,300 fans and over 100 performers. At the end of the tribute, Michael wrapped things in gold with his 3-minute speech.

The Oxford Union speech took place March 6, 2001 and brought together those interested in Michael’s ‘Heal The Kids’  charity, which would accompany the soon-to-be launched “Children’s Universal  Bill of Rights”.

Some of those rights went a little something like this:

The right to be loved, without having to earn it

The right to be protected, without having to deserve it

The right to feel valuable, even if you came into the world without nothing

The right to be listened to without having to be interesting

The right to be read a bedtime story without having to compete with the the night time news ot the East Enders

The right to an education without having to dodge bullets at school

The right to be thought of as adorable (even if you have a face only a mother could love).

March 5, 2009 Michael Announces This Is It Tour

Two years ago today, Michael announced the launch of his This Is It Tour. What was to be 50 concerts bidding farewell to his touring days and a labor of love for his children would have been kicked off July 13 the same year.

“Thank you all. This is it! These will be my final shows in London. And when I say this is it, I mean it, because…
I will be performing the songs that my fans want to hear. This is the final curtain call. I will see you in July and…
I love you. I really do, you have to know that.
I love you very much; from the bottom of my heart
This is it! See you in July!”

-From Michael’s speech at the O2 arena in London, 3.5.09.

Another YouTube Clean-Up Scheduled for Tomorrow

Just a reminder….

Important for this weekend’s clean-up! Instructions for reporting a YouTube CHANNEL follow:

First, go the following link:

1) Choose ‘Hate Speech’ and click ‘Continue’.

2) Choose ‘Yes’ when asked if you want to continue your report.

3) Choose ‘User is using hate speech against a protected group’

4) In the box: “Enter User name to report”, you must copy channel’s or the user’s name to paste into this box.

5) For “Tell us why you are reporting this user”, choose “user is using hate speech against a protected group” AND also choose “sexual orientation” or “race” or both, whatever seems appropriate.

6) For Videos and Messages, choose either videos or messages posted by this user. If you choose videos, you’ll have to choose the video from that user you want to report. If you choose messages, you’ll have to choose messages from that user you want to report.

7) A list of videos or messages from that person’s channel will be presented. Choose the worst one.

8 ) Enter your comments in the comments field as to why you think the video or channel should be removed and how it violates hate speech rules.

Michael Jackson’s Ultimate Music Fan Global Mash-Up

From 2/28/11

Innovative “Behind The Mask” Video Project Seeks Creative Input From Across The World To Shape Unique Artistic Vision

In the spirit of Michael Jackson’s pioneering videos that pushed the creative boundaries in capturing the look, feel and emotions of music, the Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Music will provide everyone who likes music an opportunity to help create online a unique groundbreaking music video for the single “Behind the Mask”. Using the web in a truly innovative way, people from around the world on March 7 will come together to create an imaginative piece of Michael Jackson history in The Behind the Mask Project.

Led by the creative team at Radical Media and director Dennis Liu, participants will visit the website which will be loaded with simple tools that define the different roles one can play in this landmark project. First, users select a move, a lyric, or a crowd reaction; performers can even demonstrate their own moonwalk, the anti-gravity lean or the toe stand. Then, using the site’s split-screen template, contributors can shoot their move right on the website with their web cam (or their video camera) and upload their clip at the precise time it occurs in the video.

After the worldwide community has come together and done their part, the director will select the top clips and weave them into this historical work of Michael Jackson video art. The final results of The Behind the Mask Project will be unveiled during the first week in April.

“Behind the Mask” is a critic and fan favorite from MICHAEL – the unique collection of songs featuring Michael’s performances completed posthumously and released in December by the Michael Jackson Estate and Sony Music. MICHAEL was the #1 global album upon its release in December and has shipped over 3 million units worldwide making it one of the biggest albums of 2010. The album’s success continues to underscore Michael’s importance as a global icon and superstar, transcending cultures and languages.

Sign up now at for updates on the project. Participate starting March 7, 2011 at