The Month in Review: A Letter for Michael

Today is the last day of February, and as of tomorrow, we begin to embark on the journey towards justice for Michael. But as always, in order to fuel our pursuit of justice, we must take a look back on things within the Michael Jackson community, in order to create an even stronger bond amongst ourselves as agents of Michael’s legacy.

This month, Michael’s angels, Prince and Blanket, celebrated another birthday as well as participated in an interview with Good Morning America, which can be viewed here:

That wasn’t the only story to hit our airways regarding the children, because we also learned that the children were somehow involved in contributing to Melissa Johnson’s Heal the World foundation, which had previously been ordered to stop exploiting Michael’s name for financial gain. 

And lastly, our buttons were once again pushed by those certain medialoid demons that are sadly mistaken about the power that us fans possess. The ARTE documentary is one of those majorly disgustingly, tabloid pumped pieces of trash that requires our immediate action, which will result in its cancellation. I urge those of you who have yet to sign the petition or leave a comment on any one of the internet sites to please do so as time is of the essence. And for those of you that already have, please spread this word as much as you can so as to prevent disgraces like Dimond and Taraborelli from doing so.

Being that we are the people that we are, united under one globally great man, things can only get better from here once we press forward together in support of Michael Jackson’s justice.


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