At the Center of Charity Dispute: Michael’s Children

By now, you should all be familiar with the story of how the Heal the World foundation came to be in 1992. The purpose should be no shocker either; the intention of such a foundation is clear in its title.

However, in 2002, the organization closed down. In 2008, a separate organization was then set up, which had the same name of Michael’s charity. The founder of the latter organization, Melissa Johnson, was in the middle of legal consequences detailing of infringement and unfair competition. Michael’s estate argued that fans were being falsely led into believing this was Michael’s charity, and it was demanded by the estate that Johnson change the name of her charity.

But now, the children, Michael’s children, are being brought into the midst of the situation. As recently as February 23, 2011, Michael’s children presented a check to L.A. Family Housing Sydney M. Irmas Transitional Living Centre in north Hollywood for 10,000 dollars on behalf of this foundation which their grandmother has worked closely with.  Prince (14) currently serves on the committee board.

Although the good intention of charity is understood, Katherine Jackson’s actions have not gone over well with Michael’s estate. Due to legal proceedings, Melissa Johnson’s foundation was ordered to stop using Michael’s name and to cease exploiting the children for personal gain by a judge in August of last year. The judge in the matter concluded that an injunction was in the interest of the public, because eventually the estate would lose revenue and goodwill.

In a statement issued on Good Morning America today, the estate explained:

 “The current Heal the World Foundation has no relation to Michael Jackson’s charity that touched so many lives before becoming inactive several years before Michael’s death… The estate does not believe Michael’s children should be used to exploit a foundation that a federal judge found was not associated with Michael Jackson.”

With that being said, it is still unclear whether or not Mrs. Jackson will continue to affiliate herself and her grandchildren with the charity.



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