TST Contest: Get Your Entries in! The Deadline is Just Around the Corner

You know, Twitter proves to be a trailblazing tool for finding out many cool things happening in the Michael Jackson community. When you follow the right people, there’s no way you can’t be informed about daily happenings. One good example I ran across today: The TST Contest; as announced by The Silenced Truth.

TST contest: Show the world who Michael Jackson really was!

We have all been met by skeptical looks or even been teased or bullied for liking Michael Jackson. He has been judged, humiliated, hated, and even accused for decades. Have you ever wanted to change that? Prove to the world who Michael really was? Show them his true heart?

The TST Team is now launching a contest where you all can contribute in your small way. Make a video with your collection of happy, content moments of Michael’s life, and put it up on your YouTube account. Make as many as you want. It doesn’t matter what the video is about, it doesn’t have to be about him visiting orphanages or hospitals etc., it can also be other moments of his life. Moments where you see his true heart.

The best videos will be put up on our YouTube channel for everyone’s view – of course crediting the maker of the video.

The deadline is in one month – March 15 2011.

If you want to participate, take as much time as you want on making it (as long as you finish before the deadline), and upload it onto your own YouTube channel. When you’ve published it, please post the link on our Facebook page, tweet us, or email the link to us team@thesilencedtruth.com and we’ll put it on the page as well as our Twitter profile for you.

All contributions will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter so everybody can watch them.

Imagine the number of videos showing the true Michael Jackson we can create. Let the world see the real him! In these difficult times it’s even more important than ever!

If you got any questions, feel free to tweet us or leave a message on our Facebook wall.

We’re looking forward to see your videos and hope many of you would like to contribute!

Good luck!

Best regards,
The TST Team


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