Meet Yashi Brown: Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Philanthropist

You may have seen her  on ABC recently alongside Rebbie Jackson, however, her notoriety doesn’t stop there.

Yashi Brown, daughter of Rebbie Jackson, Sister of Stacy and Austin Brown, and Niece of Michael, is finally coming into her own. Coming from the Jackson family, as a singer and songwriter, it’s obvious to state that her love of music came from her family background. Already at a young age, Yashi was apart of the music scene, appeared in her mother’s Centipede music video, and even sang backup on the album Yours Faithfully.

 Later on, Yashi and her sister Stacy would go on to form a singing group and were consequently signed to their uncle’s production company MJJ recording label under Sony Music.  Afterwards, their band would dissolve. The two sisters would still remain writing partners, producing many songs which were never released.

From well into her teen years, Yashi began writing poetry as a release from the trials she faced as a young woman with Bipolar Disorder I. Her new book Black daisy in a White Limousine: 77 Poems reveals many of those poems, from then until now; some of which include the songs written from her days on Michael’s label.

Now, raising awareness alongside her mother and Reese Butler, founder of the Kristen Brooks Foundation’s 1-800-suicide center, about this mental affliction of Bipolar Disorder through various campaigns and charitable work, Yashi is ever more active in her philanthropist role as a Jackson. Many projects in the works include the New York based Breaking the Silence an adolescent program endorsed by NAMI, holds a board position with Long Beach based private school institution TSJA (True Social Justice Academy), which targets the high school dropout crisis. Project Return Peer Support Network (PRPSN) is also on Yashi Brown’s agenda. This organization is the oldest and longest running program helping those afflicted with mental illness in Los Angles County.

Once more in her bag of amazement in process is a documentary about her life, her mental illness, and how she is able to manage with the gifts of family, friends, poetry, and music.

This upcoming month, Yashi will be participating in an open mic night March 2nd at 7:30pm for POP (People of Poetry). The event will be hosted by Yashi and Poetri at the Hollywood Bar and Grill. If you are unable to attend, there will be a live ustream as things go down on

For more deatils about Yashi’s book, look under the Jackson Fam category.

For more details about Open Mic:

Here is a video of the last open mic event, which features Yashi.


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