Captain Eo to be Featured in Disney Book

From MJ News Alerts Sept, 2010

I know this news is a little dated, but I hadn’t heard anything of it. I figured if I wasn’t the only one, and went ahead and posted the article (and source) for your entertainment. From what I understand, this book has yet to be published. With that being said, here is an article I found that gives the main scoop on who is responsible for putting this book on the shelves.


The unofficial, unauthorized and uncensored Disney history stories that have never been told will finally be revealed with the release of the new Ayefour book, The Vault of Walt by Disney Historian Jim Korkis.

Jim Korkis is a well known and respected Disney historian who has been researching and writing about Disney history for over thirty years. He interviewed and created long lasting friendships with Disney Imagineers, animators, entertainers and their Disney cast members, always checking the information with obscure documents he located through painstaking time, effort and expense.

While The Vault of Walt concentrates on the many worlds of Disney, it is the only book to cover the entire story of the creation, filming and Disneyland premiere of Captain EO in the words of the talented people who worked closely with Michael Jackson on the project.

“I’d have Michael dance improvisationally to the music and tried to expand it into something that forty dancers could do,” recalled choreographer Jeff Hornaday. “Michael was a composer, a co-choreographer, a dancer, a singer, an actor, a collaborator on every level and in each case, he collaborated with an amount of passion unequaled by anyone else on the show.”

“The book is called The Vault of Walt because these are the ‘lost’ stories that have been locked away for decades and forgotten. Now is the time to open that vault and hare them with a wider audience because they provide a fascinating perspective on Disney achievements and events,” said Korkis. “In addition, they are an awful lot of fun.” In an e-mail from Jim Korkis, he emphasized that “no other source provides the full story of Michael Jackson’s unique Disney contribution.”


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