“Brooklyn Loves MJ” is No More?

On the set of They Don't Care About Us

Back in 2010, amongst the hype for Spike Lee’s bash celebrating Michael’s birthday, was the appeal for a movie aptly titled Brooklyn Loves MJ. The movie, which was set to be released this year, was to “examine the potential community impact of a tribute concert and neighborhood celebration in Michael Jackson’s memory, as this fictional event might occur in a re-gentrified area of Brooklyn, New York.”

As of last month, word broke that productions have stopped. Apparently, the script was copied and leaked following routine rounds of producers and investors. Unfortunately, the script was leaked via internet, and Lee’s legal team found it too diffcult to eliminate the majority of the leaks on numerous blogs, magazines, and forums. Leaks from producers and their circles only fuels rumor that the film will indefinitely be postponed.

However, Lee’s works have always been of the profound political relevance, and neglecting a piece about Michael will prove a disappointment for fans of both. Lee’s work with Michael’s short film They Don’t Care About Us sends our curiosity out of control to view the dynamic film. Now that the thought of such not even occurring pops up, it leaves a little sour taste in our mouths. Wouldn’t you agree?

Source: http://www.obsessedwithfilm.com/movie-news/spike-lees-michael-jackson-film-brooklyn-loves-mj-not-happening.php#ixzz1C9uuoyvu


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