Since Valentine’s Day is Coming Up…

I thought a nice little story of humantarianism would put butterfiles, rainbows, and smiles in your hearts in order to set the mood for getting in the mood.

Charitable Activities by The Silenced Truth, inspires thoughts within a couple of paragraphs in. I hope you too become inspired, and perhaps a little more love will be given to those other than your significant other.

And now, for an excerpt:

The Early Years:
In 1963, at the age of five, Michael Jackson performs a rendition of song “Climb Every Mountain”
from the “Sound Of Music” for his class at Garnett Elementary School in Gary, Indiana. The song is
a hopeful ode to dreams coming to life. His performance moves many teachers to tears and he receives a standing ovation. Immediately after the performance, young Michael is invited into the Jackson brothers group as their lead singer. A lady from their neighbourhood will suggest calling the group “The Jackson 5”.

One of Michael Jackson’s earliest gigs is a local hospital performance in Gary, Indiana with the Jackson 5 around 1965, where a real live Santa Claus features on the program the same day.

On July 26, 1968, The Jackson 5 are officially signed to Motown Records, following a series of local won talent shows. Michael Jackson is 9 years old.

A month and a half after the Jackson Five’s June, 1970 concert at the Los Angeles Forum in California, the group returns to the stage, at Cobo Arena in Detroit, Michigan as part of a starstudded tribute to boxer Joe Louis. By 1970, the ‘Brown Bomber’ was broke and ailing, and the organizing committee hopes to raise 100,000 dollars to help him defray hospital costs. Comedians Bill Cosby and Redd Foxx, and music artists Billy Ekstine, Mahalia Jackson, B. B. King, the Four Tops and the Jackson 5 entertain crowd of 12,000 spectators on August 12. Louis himself is too ill to attend, although a vacant chair is left in front in his honor. Berry Gordy, himself a former boxer, serves as the Honorary Chair for the event, and is probably responsible for getting the Jackson Five to perform for the gig.”

For the full read, click here:


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