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The Month in Review: A Letter for Michael

Today is the last day of February, and as of tomorrow, we begin to embark on the journey towards justice for Michael. But as always, in order to fuel our pursuit of justice, we must take a look back on things within the Michael Jackson community, in order to create an even stronger bond amongst ourselves as agents of Michael’s legacy.

This month, Michael’s angels, Prince and Blanket, celebrated another birthday as well as participated in an interview with Good Morning America, which can be viewed here:

That wasn’t the only story to hit our airways regarding the children, because we also learned that the children were somehow involved in contributing to Melissa Johnson’s Heal the World foundation, which had previously been ordered to stop exploiting Michael’s name for financial gain. 

And lastly, our buttons were once again pushed by those certain medialoid demons that are sadly mistaken about the power that us fans possess. The ARTE documentary is one of those majorly disgustingly, tabloid pumped pieces of trash that requires our immediate action, which will result in its cancellation. I urge those of you who have yet to sign the petition or leave a comment on any one of the internet sites to please do so as time is of the essence. And for those of you that already have, please spread this word as much as you can so as to prevent disgraces like Dimond and Taraborelli from doing so.

Being that we are the people that we are, united under one globally great man, things can only get better from here once we press forward together in support of Michael Jackson’s justice.


Today is Dame Elizabeth’s Birthday!

In honor of Michael’s greatest friend, we would like to wish Elizabeth Taylor a Blessed and Happy Birthday!

 And now, here is an excerpt from a Paul Theroux interview with Michael about Elizabeth from 1999:

My phone rang and I heard: “This is Michael Jackson.” The voice was breathy, unbroken, boyish – tentative, yet tremulously eager and helpful, not the voice of a 40-year-old. In contrast to this lilting sound, its substance was denser, like a blind child giving you explicit directions in darkness.

“How would you describe Elizabeth Taylor?” I asked.

“She’s a warm cuddly blanket that I love to snuggle up to and cover myself with. I can confide in her and trust her. In my business, you can’t trust anyone.”

“Why is that?”

“Because you don’t know who’s your friend. Because you’re so popular, and there’s so many people around you. You’re isolated, too. Becoming successful means that you become a prisoner. You can’t go out and do normal things. People are always looking at what you’re doing.”

“Have you had that experience?”

“Oh, lots of times. They try to see what you’re reading, and all the things you’re buying. They want to know everything. There are always paparazzi downstairs. They invade my privacy. They twist reality. They’re my nightmare. Elizabeth is someone who loves me – really loves me.”

“I suggested to her that she was Wendy and you’re Peter.”

“But Elizabeth is also like a mother – and more than that. She’s a friend. She’s Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, the Queen of England and Wendy. We have great picnics. It’s so wonderful to be with her. I can really relax with her, because we’ve lived the same life and experienced the same thing.”

“Which is?”

“The great tragedy of childhood stars. We like the same things. Circuses. Amusement parks. Animals.”

And there was their shared fame and isolation.

“It makes people do strange things. A lot of our famous luminaries become intoxicated because of it – they can’t handle it. And your adrenaline is at the zenith of the universe after a concert – you can’t sleep. It’s maybe two in the morning and you’re wide awake. After coming off stage, you’re floating.”

“How do you handle that?”

“I watch cartoons. I love cartoons. I play video games. Sometimes I read.”

“You mean you read books?”

“Yeah. I love to read short stories and everything.”

“Any in particular?”

“Somerset Maugham,” he said quickly, and then, pausing at each name: “Whitman. Hemingway. Twain.”

“What about those video games?”

“I love X-Man. Pinball. Jurassic Park. The martial arts ones – Mortal Kombat.”

“I played some of the video games at Neverland,” I said. “There was an amazing one called Beast Buster.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s great. I pick each game. That one’s maybe too violent, though. I usually take some with me on tour.”

“How do you manage that? The video game machines are pretty big, aren’t they?”

“Oh, we travel with two cargo planes.”

“Have you written any songs with Elizabeth in mind?”


“Is that the one with the line, ‘Has anyone seen my childhood?’”

“Yes. It goes…”, and he liltingly recited “Before you judge me, try to…”, and then sang the rest.

“Didn’t I hear that playing on your merry-go-round at Neverland?”

Delightedly, he said, “Yes! Yes!”

He went on about childhood, how, like Elizabeth, as a child star he used to support his family.

“I was a child supporting my family. My father took the money. Some of the money was put aside for me, but a lot of the money was put back into the entire family. I was just working the whole time.”

“So you didn’t have a childhood, then – you lost it. If you had it to do again how would you change things?”

“Even though I missed out on a lot, I wouldn’t change anything.”

“I can hear your little kids in the background.” The gurgling had become insistent, like a plug-hole in a flood. “If they wanted to be performers and lead the life you led, what would you say?”

“They can do whatever they want to do. If they want to do that, it’s okay.”

“How will you raise them differently from the way you were raised?”

“With more fun. More love. Not so isolated.”

“Elizabeth says she finds it painful to look back on her life. Do you find it hard to do that?”

“No, not when it’s pertaining to an overview of your life rather than any particular moment.”

This oblique and somewhat bookish form of expression was a surprise to me – another Michael Jackson surprise. He had made me pause with “intoxicated” and “zenith of the universe”, too. I said: “I’m not too sure what you mean by ‘overview’.”

“Like childhood. I can look at that. The arc of my childhood.”

“But there’s some moment in childhood when you feel particularly vulnerable. Did you feel that? Elizabeth said that she felt she was owned by the studio.”

“Sometimes really late at night we’d have to go out – it might be three in the morning – to do a show. My father forced us. He would get us up. I was seven or eight. Some of these were clubs or private parties at people’s houses. We’d have to perform.” This was in Chicago, New York, Indiana, Philadelphia, he added – all over the country. “I’d be sleeping and I’d hear my father. ‘Get up! There’s a show!’ ”

“But when you were on stage, didn’t you get a kind of thrill?”

“Yes. I loved being on stage. I loved doing the shows.”

“What about the other side of the business – if someone came up after the show, did you feel awkward?”

“I didn’t like it. I’ve never liked people-contact. Even to this day, after a show, I hate it, meeting people. It makes me shy. I don’t know what to say.”

“But you did that Oprah interview, right?

“With Oprah it was tough. Because it was on TV – on TV, it’s out of my realm. I know that everyone is looking and judging. It’s so hard.”

“Is this a recent feeling – that you’re under scrutiny?”

“No,” he said firmly, “I have always felt that way.”

“Even when you were seven or eight?”

“I’m not happy doing it.”

“Which I suppose is why talking to Elizabeth over a period of two or three months on the phone would be the perfect way to get acquainted. Or doing what we’re doing right now.”


At some point Michael’s use of the phrase “lost childhood” prompted me to quote the line from George William Russell, “In the lost boyhood of Judas / Christ was betrayed”, and I heard “Wow” at the other end of the line. He asked me to explain what that meant, and when I did, he urged me to elaborate. What sort of a childhood did Judas have? What had happened to him? Where had he lived? Who had he known?

I told him that Judas had red hair, that he was the treasurer of the Apostles, that he might have been Sicarii – a member of a radical Jewish group, that he might not have died by hanging himself but somehow exploded, all his guts flying.

Twenty more minutes of Biblical apocrypha with Michael Jackson, on the lost childhood of Judas, and then the whisper again.


URGENT: The ARTE Documentary Must be Stopped!

It has once again been brought to the attention of the Michael Jackson community that another hideous, slanderous, and malevolent “documentary” is scheduled to air March 2, 2011– this Wednesday! Due to the nature of this program, and the limited time slot in which we have to act, NOW is the time to do something.

Solely signing the petition is not enough! Below is the contact information for setting the wheels in motion so this garbage gets taken out:

Sign the Petition:

Background- The first documentary by Jacque Peretti is majorly deflamatory and base solely on the lies and slanderous statements of Victor Guiterrez, Diane Dimond and Randy Taborelli. The ARTE channel is planning on airing this horrendous piece of negative fiction and we NEED quick and immediate action from all the MJJJusticeproject Warriors as well as the entire MJGlobal community.

@MJJNews has provided much needed addresses to contact the people who are responsible for airing this negative Jacque Peretti documentary.



 To contact them:
> Form:


For French viewers:

4, Quai du Chanoine Winterer
CS 20035
F- 67080 Strasbourg Cedex

For German viewers:
Postfach 1980
D-77679 Kehl am Rhein


French viewers: 03 88 14 22 55

German viewers: 0180 / 500 24 88 (0,14 €/min.)

Viewers from other countries: +33 (0)3 88 14 22 55

(note from MJJNews: you have to discard the (0) and type +33 3 88 14 22 55)

Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

By Fax: +33 (0)3 88 14 21 60


They also have Twitter and Facebook accounts:

Twitter (in French):
Twitter (in German):

Facebook (in French):


We can also react to their programs on their forums (in French or in German):

Please act now! Time is running out, and all it takes is a comment on any of the above provided sites along with your signature.

Sample Comment:

It has come to my attention that you plan to air the slanderous Jacque Peretti documentary regarding Michael Jackson on March 2, 2011. I am appealing to your sense of ethics and morals in not presenting this piece of negative propaganda on Michael Jackson. The sources that Mr. Peretti used for this documentary have been public proponents of the truth for approximately 20 years. Michael Jackson brought a lawsuit against Victor Guiterrez and Dimond and won 2.7 million settlement for slander. Dimond has had a vendetta against this innocent man and continues to this day to press her opinions on people who were proven to be perjure themselves in the 2005 trial, whereby it was proven that Michael Jackson was totally innocent of any crime. Randy Taborelli has made his career on “claiming” to be an insider and friend of Michael Jackson and all the while writes nothing but slanderous lies to sell his books.

Please do not air this libelous and slanderous bit of Peretti fiction.
Thank you for you time and consideration in this urgent matter.

MJJJusticeProject — It’s Time to make a STAND

For more information on this airing, please visit

Duet With Barry Gibb Soon to be Released

The official site of Barry Gibb announced this week the coming of new material. According to, featured on the release will be a duet with Michael called “All In Your Name”, which was recorded in 2002. Take a LISTEN to a snippet of the track.

Did you know? Michael is the godfather of Barry's son Michael?

At the Center of Charity Dispute: Michael’s Children

By now, you should all be familiar with the story of how the Heal the World foundation came to be in 1992. The purpose should be no shocker either; the intention of such a foundation is clear in its title.

However, in 2002, the organization closed down. In 2008, a separate organization was then set up, which had the same name of Michael’s charity. The founder of the latter organization, Melissa Johnson, was in the middle of legal consequences detailing of infringement and unfair competition. Michael’s estate argued that fans were being falsely led into believing this was Michael’s charity, and it was demanded by the estate that Johnson change the name of her charity.

But now, the children, Michael’s children, are being brought into the midst of the situation. As recently as February 23, 2011, Michael’s children presented a check to L.A. Family Housing Sydney M. Irmas Transitional Living Centre in north Hollywood for 10,000 dollars on behalf of this foundation which their grandmother has worked closely with.  Prince (14) currently serves on the committee board.

Although the good intention of charity is understood, Katherine Jackson’s actions have not gone over well with Michael’s estate. Due to legal proceedings, Melissa Johnson’s foundation was ordered to stop using Michael’s name and to cease exploiting the children for personal gain by a judge in August of last year. The judge in the matter concluded that an injunction was in the interest of the public, because eventually the estate would lose revenue and goodwill.

In a statement issued on Good Morning America today, the estate explained:

 “The current Heal the World Foundation has no relation to Michael Jackson’s charity that touched so many lives before becoming inactive several years before Michael’s death… The estate does not believe Michael’s children should be used to exploit a foundation that a federal judge found was not associated with Michael Jackson.”

With that being said, it is still unclear whether or not Mrs. Jackson will continue to affiliate herself and her grandchildren with the charity.


A Snapshot in Time

Kemper Arena, February 24, 1988, Kansas City, Missouri

 Backstage the BAD Tour, Michael meets with a two-year-old cancer patient and his mother prior to performing in Kansas City, Missouri. Allan Bufford, held by his mother Brenda, reels with excitement at meeting his favorite entertainer with permission from his doctor.

Céline Dion to Pay Tribute to Michael in Upcoming Performances

As you may know, the Oscars will broadcast live this Sunday 8pm est.  Scheduled to perform are many artists, but one in particular will be paying homage to our beloved Michael.

Michael, Céline Dion, and Husband

This year, Céline Dion will be singing while a screen behind her pays tribute to those of the film industry who have passed this year; meanwhile, Dion will be performing a tribute of her own. The song she will be singing, said by Ms. Dion herself, will be dedicated to Michael, for all the inspiration and support he has given her.

“Well, he changed my life. I saw him on TV and I wanted to sing in English because he was doing so and I went to learn English and met with him and I [sang] with him and he came to see the show and he had a big impact on my life.”

Not only will Michael be mentioned at the Oscars on behalf of Ms. Dion, but in her upcoming Vegas shows, Céline will perform Smile in loving memory of Michael.


TST Contest: Get Your Entries in! The Deadline is Just Around the Corner

You know, Twitter proves to be a trailblazing tool for finding out many cool things happening in the Michael Jackson community. When you follow the right people, there’s no way you can’t be informed about daily happenings. One good example I ran across today: The TST Contest; as announced by The Silenced Truth.

TST contest: Show the world who Michael Jackson really was!

We have all been met by skeptical looks or even been teased or bullied for liking Michael Jackson. He has been judged, humiliated, hated, and even accused for decades. Have you ever wanted to change that? Prove to the world who Michael really was? Show them his true heart?

The TST Team is now launching a contest where you all can contribute in your small way. Make a video with your collection of happy, content moments of Michael’s life, and put it up on your YouTube account. Make as many as you want. It doesn’t matter what the video is about, it doesn’t have to be about him visiting orphanages or hospitals etc., it can also be other moments of his life. Moments where you see his true heart.

The best videos will be put up on our YouTube channel for everyone’s view – of course crediting the maker of the video.

The deadline is in one month – March 15 2011.

If you want to participate, take as much time as you want on making it (as long as you finish before the deadline), and upload it onto your own YouTube channel. When you’ve published it, please post the link on our Facebook page, tweet us, or email the link to us and we’ll put it on the page as well as our Twitter profile for you.

All contributions will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter so everybody can watch them.

Imagine the number of videos showing the true Michael Jackson we can create. Let the world see the real him! In these difficult times it’s even more important than ever!

If you got any questions, feel free to tweet us or leave a message on our Facebook wall.

We’re looking forward to see your videos and hope many of you would like to contribute!

Good luck!

Best regards,
The TST Team

Meet Yashi Brown: Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Philanthropist

You may have seen her  on ABC recently alongside Rebbie Jackson, however, her notoriety doesn’t stop there.

Yashi Brown, daughter of Rebbie Jackson, Sister of Stacy and Austin Brown, and Niece of Michael, is finally coming into her own. Coming from the Jackson family, as a singer and songwriter, it’s obvious to state that her love of music came from her family background. Already at a young age, Yashi was apart of the music scene, appeared in her mother’s Centipede music video, and even sang backup on the album Yours Faithfully.

 Later on, Yashi and her sister Stacy would go on to form a singing group and were consequently signed to their uncle’s production company MJJ recording label under Sony Music.  Afterwards, their band would dissolve. The two sisters would still remain writing partners, producing many songs which were never released.

From well into her teen years, Yashi began writing poetry as a release from the trials she faced as a young woman with Bipolar Disorder I. Her new book Black daisy in a White Limousine: 77 Poems reveals many of those poems, from then until now; some of which include the songs written from her days on Michael’s label.

Now, raising awareness alongside her mother and Reese Butler, founder of the Kristen Brooks Foundation’s 1-800-suicide center, about this mental affliction of Bipolar Disorder through various campaigns and charitable work, Yashi is ever more active in her philanthropist role as a Jackson. Many projects in the works include the New York based Breaking the Silence an adolescent program endorsed by NAMI, holds a board position with Long Beach based private school institution TSJA (True Social Justice Academy), which targets the high school dropout crisis. Project Return Peer Support Network (PRPSN) is also on Yashi Brown’s agenda. This organization is the oldest and longest running program helping those afflicted with mental illness in Los Angles County.

Once more in her bag of amazement in process is a documentary about her life, her mental illness, and how she is able to manage with the gifts of family, friends, poetry, and music.

This upcoming month, Yashi will be participating in an open mic night March 2nd at 7:30pm for POP (People of Poetry). The event will be hosted by Yashi and Poetri at the Hollywood Bar and Grill. If you are unable to attend, there will be a live ustream as things go down on

For more deatils about Yashi’s book, look under the Jackson Fam category.

For more details about Open Mic:

Here is a video of the last open mic event, which features Yashi.

Captain Eo to be Featured in Disney Book

From MJ News Alerts Sept, 2010

I know this news is a little dated, but I hadn’t heard anything of it. I figured if I wasn’t the only one, and went ahead and posted the article (and source) for your entertainment. From what I understand, this book has yet to be published. With that being said, here is an article I found that gives the main scoop on who is responsible for putting this book on the shelves.


The unofficial, unauthorized and uncensored Disney history stories that have never been told will finally be revealed with the release of the new Ayefour book, The Vault of Walt by Disney Historian Jim Korkis.

Jim Korkis is a well known and respected Disney historian who has been researching and writing about Disney history for over thirty years. He interviewed and created long lasting friendships with Disney Imagineers, animators, entertainers and their Disney cast members, always checking the information with obscure documents he located through painstaking time, effort and expense.

While The Vault of Walt concentrates on the many worlds of Disney, it is the only book to cover the entire story of the creation, filming and Disneyland premiere of Captain EO in the words of the talented people who worked closely with Michael Jackson on the project.

“I’d have Michael dance improvisationally to the music and tried to expand it into something that forty dancers could do,” recalled choreographer Jeff Hornaday. “Michael was a composer, a co-choreographer, a dancer, a singer, an actor, a collaborator on every level and in each case, he collaborated with an amount of passion unequaled by anyone else on the show.”

“The book is called The Vault of Walt because these are the ‘lost’ stories that have been locked away for decades and forgotten. Now is the time to open that vault and hare them with a wider audience because they provide a fascinating perspective on Disney achievements and events,” said Korkis. “In addition, they are an awful lot of fun.” In an e-mail from Jim Korkis, he emphasized that “no other source provides the full story of Michael Jackson’s unique Disney contribution.”