The Month In Review: A Letter For Michael

At last, the end of a stressful month.

Of course, the month began with the continuation of the battle to end that horrendous OWN documentary. Through our hard work and diligence, those plans were successfully thwarted. Is up to us now to keep up this work, because who’s to say the devil won’t show his face again, especially with what would be to come next.

The beginning of the trial for what should be the murder of Michael Jackson took place, and produced, what I would say, the main source of our stress this month. If you’re like me and have only been able to keep up with the bare minimum of notifications,  and don’t have appropriate non-tabloid sources to get your info from, any sites located under “friends of fb4mj” are fine (just as long as listed sources don’t include any tabloids). You can also sign up for MJJStreet’s newsletter, which updates periodically with unbiased details straight from the courtroom.

Next, the boycott of TMZ was introduced, as the spins on the stories from the courtroom are becoming reminiscent of the 2005 trial. That’s why action was taken to boycott TMZ, so as to prevent another demon media convention from dining on the destruction Michael’s name. Of course, this will only get us so far, and we cannot stop for a little progress. Its essential we continue to fight.

On a lighter note, we learned, as of last week, the Hollywood Tonight will be the next single to be released from ‘Michael’. Which may surprise some, but others saw it coming.

All in all, if we’ve ever needed a reason to come together even stronger than ever, it is now. We must do everything in our power to stop the media from turning this into another prosecution of Michael Jackson. We have to. We know he isn’t the one on trial here, Dr. Murder is. So why is it that the media doesn’t seem to get that, and is still after Michael, despite the fact he is no longer here? Why is it that the media is practically giving Dr. Murder a pass on all the torment the media so loves to put celebrities through? Why is the disgusting defense of “self-injection” still being  ushered around with a first class ticket as the facts remain in cargo?

Keep these thoughts and questions in your mind to fuel your anger and pursuit of JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL JACKSON.


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