Michael Means the World to Us.

Just a little thought…

The beginning of this week marked a particularly meaningful day in Michael Jackson HIStory. From January 15 to January 23, 1985, Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie (along side Quincy) produced what would go on to be a song which provided relief to those ravished of famine in Africa: We Are The World. Provided by Seven, here is a nice piece that celebrates all that went into the masterpiece: http://www.mj-777.com/?p=7086

Speaking of Michael’s worldliness, I say this knowing that you all are well acquainted with  Michael’s vitiligo and the strife it caused him. And I mean in no way to be insensitive to the subject, or to take the seriousness, but at one point, Michael was virtually all colors a human could be. He was the world.

Unaware of the anniversary of this milestone in pop culture, I had recently came to the thought of what Michael’s vitiligo really represented. I innocently wondered what color many of his fans were. I was thinking of a way to relate the thought into word form, when the sentence “Which color of Michael Jackson are you?” popped into my head, sparking a whole other wave of thought.

love-survives-always:Nate Giorgio : “Recently, I signed with Cirque du Soleil to allow 15 of my pieces to be used in the Michael Jackson IMMORTAL show including “Heal The World” along with many of the ink paintings and special graphics I created for the Opus.”What color of Michael Jackson are you is appropriate for one reason– it puts into perspective the idea that his vitiligo was reflecting of his earthliness and global unity. His work and personality reflected both, and so did his skin! Here you have in this one person, all the colors of the human rainbow, endlessly promoting unity within all races. You look at Michael, and you see what he did throughout his life for the betterment of the human condition, and its easy to see this man could be no other than of the prophetic type. His strife, heartache, pain were reflective of the world, as was his joy, exuberance, and love.

How could it be that this was not noticed before, but instead ridiculed? It’s utterly baffling! Why didn’t the headline “Michael Jackson: A True Global Icon” ever make it in the news when he was alive?

Now, I don’t mean to totally abandon the heartache and pain associated with Michael’s disease because I understand that it teaches us a valuable lesson, but if you really, truly think about it, every aspect of this man is extraordinary. Maybe now, it can be taken as a beautiful and inspiring thing. You know, something to combat the haters’ remarks of “bleached skin”.

How is it that you can have so many extraordinary characteristics in one person and not appreciate them? They are truly uplifting and inspirational things to recognize, not ridicule.


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