Who Can Attend the National Conference for Media Reform?

I got an email, and I figured drawing some attention to it might do some good. MJTruthNow sent out a newsletter looking for any volunteers to attend the National Conference for Media Reform. One requirement of their notification states they are speciafically looking for MJ Advocates who live in the Boston area, and are willing to attend the event and report back.

National Conference for Media Reform
Boston, MA
April 8-10, 2011
Event details: http://ncmr11.eventbrite.com

“There’s no other event like the National Conference for Media Reform. It’s simply the biggest conference about media reform, media policy and media activism in the country.

On April 8 -10, 2011, we’ll be focusing on the intersection of media and democracy, exploring the future of journalism and public media, debating the core technologies and politics shaping media policy, and discussing strategies, actions and movement-building techniques for better media.”

If you are willing to attend this event, please contact MJTruthNow.com as soon as you can. It’d be interesting to see what those who are perhaps outside of the MJ community believe about the media, and to know they are testifying the same ideas.

I know we’re not the only ones who know what’s goin’ on.


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