The Month in Review: A Letter for Michael

FB4MJ wishes You a Happy New Year!

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s the end of December, as well as the end of 2010. For many, the last day of December has its usual bitter- sweetness, and for others (me), it is past time for a fresh start. Good luck to you all in this new year of 2011.

But before we look to forward into the future, for now it is essential for us to look back at this month, as well as this year, so as to better improve ourselves, and ultimately take a long look in the mirror in order to make that change.

One of the events that made us, the fans, more vocal in our fight for our beloved’s justice, was the announcement of the Discovery Channel’s (a.k.a. OWN) plan to air a mock autopsy of Michael. Through relentless efforts by all that did their part (including the family and friends), Discovery cancelled the broadcast which was to be aired two weeks into the new year. All I can say is thank God we were successful! However, this does not mean our letters and phone calls, and emails should stop. Who’s to say the Devil won’t have other tricks up his sleeve… say on another date or another OWN affiliated network?

Don’t be fooled when the devil does a goods deed… he is still the devil. Stay vigilant my dear friends, stay vigilant. -Karen Faye via Twitter

And who could forget the release of the posthumous album MICHAEL, which continues to stir endless controversy? Although some fans seem to be enjoying their purchases, many have not given in to the temptation to purchase the $ony released album. First there was the questioning of the validity of the vocal arrangements. We then find out Michael had a little more help than many would have liked from melodyne and autotune, rather than the addition of his own perfectionist touch on the tracks. (This happens to be the final deciding factor on my reasons for not purchasing.) But regardless of the touch- ups (mess-ups if you ask me), the album was no flop by any means, and became number one in many countries worldwide. It still so funny to me that the media continues to underestimate not only the power of Michael Jackson’s fans, but his everlasting legacy as well. It looks as if they’ll never get it.

Aside from all the major distractions that we were presented this month, it should be a well-known fact that by now we should all expect to continue to fight throughout this new year for Michael. As long as there is a positive aspect to Michael’s legacy, there will always be those certain demons that will try to tarnish such.

Must we remind ourselves why we fight for Michael; it is all for love, and will always be.


Blessings to You All



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