One Day until the Release of ‘Michael’…Are You Buying? (Updated)

So there’s one day left until ‘Michael’ hits stores everywhere in the US. And like many others, I’m torn. I am still stuck on if I will buy it or not. So I’ve been meaning to write this post about the pros and cons of buying the album to help me and those few others decide. Let’s see how this goes, shall we.

First off, we’ll weigh the pros. The obvious first being it has Michael’s name on it, however the drawback there is that that’s how Sony operates. They find it simple to put Michael’s trademark on something and voila! You’ve once again cashed in on the biggest cash cow of them all.

Most of the album includes songs that have never been heard before with the exception of (I Like) The Way You Love Me, which had already been released on Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection. But one plus with the re-released song is that it has a little speaking intro in the beginning that is sure to make your heart skip a beat.

Then, there’s the fact that if I don’t get it, I’d be missing out on having the actual CD to put in my collection of MJ collectables. If I were to buy it, I wouldn’t get it from iTunes, in part because my iPod is on the fritz anyway. Plus, a CD is always better.

Not to mention, there’s that possibility that if I miss out on purchasing and the album isn’t as successful as it should be (in MJ terms), it would be labeled a “flop” by the media, and I would have played a part in the destruction of Michael’s reputation.

On the other hand, we have the cons. One previously mentioned, is about the Michael brand automatically making this album a best-seller, as well as one driving controversy– a reoccurring theme. Sony knows by doing this, they’ve already made millions, which, judging by their history with Michael, is the controversial thing to be weary of.

And what about the validity of some of the songs? That one has been in the back of my mind since I first heard ‘Breaking News’. From what the family saying, there are three questionable– meaning not 100 percent MJ– songs on there. I know one bad apple don’t spoil the bunch, but no one ever said anything about what three would do. Though, we kind of got an idea, didn’t we…  raise all hell. Lol.

And lastly, Michael isn’t here to o.k. it, to put his golden touch on it, to release from his blessed hands, because one: some of the songs were recently (as of a few months ago) “brought to completion” according to that letter from Sony. That just goes to show that profiting from Michael was number one on their agenda. What’s wrong with a CD of demos? I’d likely appreciate that more because I know it came directly from MJ and wasn’t toyed with after the fact. I know I’m not alone in my thinking and frustration. We know another vocalist may  have been added on some of those questionable tracks; why won’t Sony just come out and say so?  One word: M-O-N-E-Y.

Did I miss anything?

And now, I have gotten myself more confused, and I’ve only got 8 hours and 20 minutes to decide!

But wait! There’s always the lazy person’s route! I could always drop little hints for Xmas gifts now couldn’t I?

Good Luck in your decisions.


Starting at midnight, fans everywhere will be involved in the twitterthon promoting ‘Michael’. In order to take part in showing your love through tweets, all you need to do is sign into Twitter using your account, (or make one: and spread Michael’s word following #MICHAEL in order to get talk for the album a trending topic (tt).

Happy Michaeling all!


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