The Month in Review: A Letter for Michael

Here we are at the end of another month, and so close to the end of the year. Ladies and gentlemen, we are entering the last month of the 2010! But before we create our goals for this month, let us take a look back at November, so as to give ourselves fuel for our fight for justice on Michael’s behalf.

If you may recall, this month started off with a beautiful and peaceful tribute to Michael with the Army Of Love Video Project, which was recently brought to completion; but to no surprise, shortly following that piece of uplifting news came the drama and controversy surrounding Michael.

On the eighth of this month, the track “Breaking News’ debuted and got much press– good and bad. Fans quarreled and rumors and allegations of the track not including 100% of Michael’s voice fueled most of the debates, while few still lingered on the fact they were not comfortable about the demos that would make up the album being released. A week later, a song most everyone enjoyed, ‘Hold My Hand’ debuted and blew the house down. So much so, within the first few hours of its release, “#HoldMyHand” became a trending topic on Twitter. Along with a few unreleased tracks from the upcoming album set to release December 14 (Do You Know Where Your Children Are, Monster, Another Day, and Much Too Soon, which has officially been released as of today), came backlash from some poor planning on Sony’s part.

Following the release of songs from Michael, the unreleased video for ‘One More Chance’ was released and received a warm reception by the majority. In addition, as expected, the family had no problem voicing their opinions about the controversy of the new album and its official and unofficial releases. And it wasn’t just the album MJ family and fan-mily was all steamed about this month, it was the interview that showed the most gross disrespect for Michael we’ve seen by the hand of Oprah.

Earlier this month, after providing virtually no new information to the MJ community, she interviewed Mr. and Mrs. Jackson and Michael’s three children at their Encino home. While many a fan tweeted, e-mailed, snail-mailed, commented, and posted warning Oprah and her goonies what she was doing was wrong, we saw her take no notice of our concern, protest, and outrage, and continued on with her own agenda using those children and Michael’s family for financial gain.

Perhaps controversy is just the thing we need to get things done. It seems in the midst of the McKenzie comments, it was getting us somewhere to the point where ITV was getting tired of us. However, our persuasion proved ineffective toward our goal of a formal, on-air apology and instead was just cast- off as some problem of theirs to easily be forgotten. Recent statements from ITV claim that they have no interest in apologizing for the comments McKenzie made, but have since had him back on their program numerous times.

Aside from all the negative, as usual, it was outweighed by the positive that came our way (not to mention that teasingly beautiful, never before released video ‘One More Chance’, the video game: Michael Jackson The Experience, and the DVD box set of all short films! ). We were bitter towards each other at times, but have since settled our differences, and respected each others choices. This skill is most needed in our fight to obtain justice for our beloved Michael. Because without it, “what about us”?


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