The Voices Education Project has created a moving video in which the aim is to spread the word about words and the power we give them.

Dedicated to the memories and legacies of Michael Jackson and Princess Diana, this video serves to remind us of our power– whether harmful or healing– with words and the way in which we interpret them, direct them, and spread them. It is almost guaranteed that you will take something from this video.

Take a good look at this video. Spread this message. Make an effort to better yourself in honor of Michael. ( A nice follow-up link: http://www.mj-777.com/?p=6428)

From Voices Education

Rev. B.
an anonymous little miracle maker visual artist
and a whole lot of voices
who volunteered to change the world.
(all sent by the little Moonwalker who changed the world) 
Now here’s how you change the world….
Spread the “Words”
Watch it often.
Share it.
Facebook it.
Tweet it.
Retweet it.
Make it viral and change the world.
“It’s all for love”
and to:
“make it a better place.” 
Make it viral and change the world.
“It’s all for love”-Rev. B.Kaufmann
For more on Voices Education Project:

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