Randy Jackson’s Twitter Talk (Updated)

Last night during Randy Jackson’s gracious Twitter session with fan-mily, questions were answered, the truth was shared, and volumes were spoken. The tweets themselves were very frank and straightforward, as always coming from Randy. There was no beating around the bush; the truth and opinions about recent topics like the Oprah interview and the Michael album were addressed.

Below is the total of Randy’s tweets as of Wednesday, November 17 (my emphasis added):

 Hello everyone, let me say for the record my computer has not been hacked, this is me.

I want to spend some time on as many questions as possible, Feel free to ask whatever you like, there is nothing too personal.

I want the truth to be known.

Q: How do you feel about the Oprah interview? A: I didn’t watch the interview, im sure everyone saw the show she had prior to my parents

Like I said before, no coincidence

 I guess, in Oprah’s mind my brother is still on trial, even though he’s not here, may he rest in peace.

Don’t be surprised if the Oprah show with my parents air’s again during the AEG trial

Like I said, No coincidence

Q: How do you feel about the new Album?

A: I have to give you history behind the project in order to answer this question correctly

Me and my nephew were the first to say that it wasn’t his voice on some of the tracks

let me go back and say something that you, the public, may not be aware of

The family and the executers of the Estate, Branca and Mclain are not on the same page

We don’t see eye to eye

I became suspicious about the album, when I heard when armed guards were involved since my brothers passing, May he rest in peace.

John McClain insisted that no family members were allowed at his studio where the project was being completed

My first thought was, what are they trying to hide

Teddy Riley was brought in just to mix and insisted on switching studios

At which he called me to come down and hear my brothers music, may he rest in peace.

 I heard the music and I immediately said it wasn’t his voice

Now McClain points the finger at Sony, when he got the tracks before it even went to Sony

But I think they all know all now it is not him

Sony has 250 mil reasons to convince the public that it is his voice, if you know what I mean.

In fact, when I heard about the Sony deal, it made me sick

Like AEG, they were cutting deals with the Estate before I could get my brother in the ground. May he rest in peace.

I invited McClain to the burial, Ironically, he didn’t show up

Neither of the executors didn’t show up to pay their respects

Maybe they were too busy getting deals done

Im sorry its taking so long I get emotional

Okay, after this Sony deal was inked, McClain went to work putting together the first album

Calling all over the place looking for music with my brothers voice on it

From what I heard, he didn’t care about the quality or how complete the vocals were.

I found this to be very interesting

Why would Sony sign a 10 album deal over a period of seven years and

McClain couldn’t find enough product for one album

I’d like to hear what they played Sony, or did Sony even care?

If they don’t even have enough product for one album how are they going to make 10 albums?

On a side note, the letter released by the Estate

I was informed by someone who attended that meeting at the studio

It didn’t happen the way it was mentioned in the letter

You must understand, Sony is a power house in this business

And as to the vocal authenticators, they work for pay. And I wasn’t there when they did their analysis

 I dont know what they heard, surely not what I heard

Like I said, Sony and the executors have 250 mil reasons to influence the public.

Some of the songs are him, and some aren’t. I would be my life on that.

I know this may seem harsh, but this is the truth, as I know it.

But what’s worse then harsh is that my brother isn’t here, and all these people are more concerned about making money off his death

They could care less about why and how he died, or maybe they already know

one more question

I can’t tell you what to do, but I can tell you what I think my brother would want

Questions about death conspiracy, whether or not to buy the album, many questions.

Let me say this in closing about everything

This story has not ended, things are still unfolding.

Since my brothers passing, over one billion dollars has been profited.

I want his legacy to be respected as if he were here.

It bothers me that they can’t get the deals done fast enough.

My brother was a perfectionists, and they are paying no regards to quality

We are family. A famous family, but a family whose lost one of its members.

I will miss his laughter. I will miss his silly jokes. I even miss our arguments

Most of all I want all of you to understand that he loved all of you so much. He had a great love for all man kind

Thank you all. Goodnight.

View ImageAmidst all this confusion, not only was it refreshing to hear the perspective and truth from a family member, but it gave us fans some room to breath and something to chew on. True, some of you may have come away confused on whether or not you will purchase the album or not, but the answer of many of the outspoken family members have expressed they cannot decide for you. Yet, their advice has been given: Do what you think is morally right.

In other words, WWMJD?


6 thoughts on “Randy Jackson’s Twitter Talk (Updated)

  1. Irielk says:

    You really don’t think the Jackson’s are not about money think again
    Jackson Family Values: Memories of Madness
    by Margaret Maldanado Jackson, Richard Hack
    Read this book it written jermaine ex and lotaya book too
    I will post a site you can read all those book for free.

    Maybe we can talk about the books ,
    What is you take on the contract Katherine sign with the Jackson secret vault?
    I don’t get some fan if the estate don’t make money how are they to pay off MJ 360 million plus debts?
    And what is the roll of the estate if not to make money and keep MJ legacy in tack?
    I am trying to understand why are we fighting the estate on it’s projects and trying to boycott project it put out to make money to pay MJ debts?

    • MJdcaring says:

      I have not read any of the books. To be honest, I didn’t know ones besides Katherine’s, Latoya’s, and Michael’s autobiographies existed. I’m assuming Margaret Maldanado Jackson is an ex of one of the brothers, due to the fact that the title of her book is “Memories of Madness”. Of course an ex will have words in exchange for money. In opinion, she is no longer a Jackson. And for LaToya, well the only book I’m aware of written by her was forcefully done so by her abusive husband. The same man who made her publicly state MJ was an abuser. I’d be more than willing to talk to you about the books.
      I think the debt is on its way to being taken care of, if it isn’t already, with all the money pouring in from various MJ related items. Things like the recent video game, the DVD boxset, and the upcoming album are sure to make much money to solve that problem. It is my opinion that these matters are more of an estate thing/decision rather than a family one.
      I think the main issues between the fans and family versus the estate is the secrecy and deception they seem to be apart of. Which is frustrating to those who just want clean answers without any controversy or backlash. We the fans already are sore about Sony because of Michael’s accusations against them in 2002. Of course many will side with Michael and his beliefs before those of the company he distrusted. I think if Sony gave us some hard evidence rather than just saying they had a forensic audiologist come in and run some tests, we’d be more content, given their tainted record.

  2. Irielk says:

    If it was your family member would you wait to take out an injunction to stop the album.
    The estate name all the people who they say was there and say it’s MJ, I did not read any of those peolpe saying other wise,
    This is too much of a important issues and the acusation is telling I don’t get what the. Jackson family want from us fans?
    I feel is is wrong for us to join in and acusse MJ estate of putting out fake MJ with out any proof, MJ leave the estate to speak for him and do business on his and his children behalf, just like he leave his mother to take care of his children.
    I just see Randy and the other jackson tweet causing confusion and fighting among the fan base and think that MJ would not be happy with this turn of events.
    If there is a problem between Sony the estate and the Jackson, tweeting about it is not going to help,
    I feel the fans are looking to the Jackson family to take the lead and try and bring about some peace for the good of MJ legacy,
    All the BS that is going on is only going to hurt MJ and his legacy,
    When we fight among ourself and hate how is this going to Help MJ legacy?
    I am asking why would Sony and the estate putting out fake MJ song?
    Why would Sony be paying 250 million for fake? And this just don’t make any sence because those song did not come from the estate,
    This is so messy and need someone with a unbias mind to take a clean look at,
    Because none of this crop make any kind of sence,
    Maybe you can tell me what you think ?
    We need to stop and really think about all of this, it just don’t make any sence to me.

    • MJdcaring says:

      I see your point. I think, mainly, the Jackson Family wants the fans to be careful consumers is all. They are all aware of the manipulative ways of Sony, and I think they are just reminding us of that. It could be they are looking out for us (as part of MJ’s legacy) and just want us to take caution whenever something with Michael’s name is on it.

      As for the validity of the songs, many fans were saying they didn’t believe Michael was 100% on Breaking News before any of the family said so. I was one of them. So I don’t think the family is influencing the fans as much as some like to think. I also don’t think the family means to create any confusion; they are simply looking out for MJ’s legacy.
      (Another thing I should point out is that it isn’t just the family saying the tracks are questionable. Karen Faye has a similar view to the whole thing (http://www.mj-777.com/?p=6395)

      What I interpreted from Randy’s comments was that Sony didn’t neccesarily pay for a fake, they paid for a demo, which was most likely not finished. They probably had someone come in and add some of this and add some of that in order to finish the song. In that released letter from Sony, it mentions that the song was “recently brought to completion,” if I’m not mistaken.

      I agree with you as far as many of the fans looking to the Jackson Family for some guidance. In my opinion, it’s easier to do this because we know money isn’t in their agenda, justice is. Sony, on the other hand, wasn’t on Michael’s “nice” list, so what to think of their motives– we all have a general idea. The bickering I’ve seen is ridiculous and that definitely needs to be resolved. Taking a time out is neccesary for anyone toying with the idea of buying or not buying the album. I hope we all arrive on a general consensus soon though.

  3. Irielk says:

    I need to ask you a question, I am a MJ fan for a long time and I know a few thing from researching into thing,
    And I have a problem with a few thing Randy tweet last few night.
    1) if Sony and MJ estate are using fake MJ voice, why is the family tweeting about it and not taking out an injunction to stop the album and take it to court?
    There is a judge who still look after the will the executor have to answer to him,
    Can you answer.
    2) plus I have been to quit a few board and most fans are split and confuse and Randy tweet is causing even more division,
    Where is the proof the Randy give to back up his claim?

    • MJdcaring says:

      Those are good questions. As I’m no spokeswoman for the Family, I can only speculate on reasons for not doing so. Maybe the reason for not taking legal action (just yet), would be due to the fact that they’ve already got two other lawsuits/ trials to worry about (i.e. AEG lawsuit and Dr. Murder trial). About Randy’s proof– you could question the same for Sony. So far they haven’t released any proof, just a statement. Randy, Taj, Taryll, and TJ have done the same, only in less formal methods. Maybe Randy and other family members are communicating through Twitter so as not to make the fans think their questions are being ignored. If you ask me, the fact that multiple family members are speaking the same way is reason enough to believe them over Sony. Then again, I’m only speculating.

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