Hold My, Hold My, Hold My Hand

Had you noticed the "M" in the picture?

Finally! A song I can identify Michael on. (Lol.) I am so happy we can take a breath amidst all the controversy and just enjoy Hold My Hand.

Just to get my quick little review out there with the others: I love this song! It’s refreshing. Breaking News had me double guessing myself on whether or not I would buy the album. Hold My Hand made it clear. The lyrics, the beat, MICHAEL’S VOICE! This song is amazing!

To attest to speculations at how great a success this single and/or album will be, #HoldMyHand was a trending topic on Twitter this morning. Most people were fans of the song and others, I believe, were confused on what it was all about, but continued to tweet. For instance, a couple of tweeter’s tweets looked something like this, “I’m a grown woman now. Don’t need my parents to #holdmyhand anymore.” Now I’m not sure about all the lyrics in the song, but I know that wasn’t one of them, so either this person was joking, or truly clueless and confused. Either way, it was funny to see. Lol.

Aside from all that, the song is very entertaining! The first time I heard it, I chuckled a little at Akon’s line “Akon and MJ“. He does that in practically every duet (so much so, everyone anticipated that part in a never before heard duet of his).  I went into Hold My Hand not paying any attention to the fact that Akon’s “trademarks”, the sound of the jail cell and the “Akon and..”, and was shockingly surprised. The surprise of that in MJ’s song is what threw me off and caused me to giggle a little. I continue to think it’s the funniest thing. The ending reminded me of Cry, where Michael whispers “Save the World“, and the first time I heard that I almost died at how gorgeous he sounded, only this time the part that I almost died over was the “Hold My Hand” whisper. I felt like that blushing girl on the Dangerous Tour DVD. And I was only listening to the song!

The King of Pop’s voice, on the other hand, is incomparable and breathtaking as usual. No analysis needed there, although some people hold different opinions:

I did give the song one slight criticism though. I told my uncle that he needed to be singing more in the chorus and at the end of the song… lol. I said that we (the fans) would want to hear his voice more. 🙂 – Taj Jackson via Twitter http://www.twitlonger.com/show/6vlsek



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