Kelvin McKenzie Enough is Enough!

Rest assured, OFCOM and ITV will apologize!

I know I’m hitting this a little late, but the urgency of your actions are still present.

As you all may know, a recent airing of ITV This Morning outraged family and fan-mily alike. The official statement provided by Deborah Ffrench explains it:


Something outrageous happened this morning on November 9, 2010 on British Television, that we need to address. It is a very clear case of an abuse of Michael’s memory and use of media to do that. Below is the substance of the issue.

At 10:35 am on November 9, 2010 on ITV This Morning, a breakfast show programme, media commentator and ex-editor of The Sun newspaper — Kelvin MacKenzie — who appeared as a guest on ITV THIS MORNING, basically accused Michael Jackson of being a child abuser, mocked his parental link to his children, and essentially said Michael’s children and other children were better off now that he is dead.


After they showed a clip of Paris saying MJ was a great father and saying they used to go to Art galleries together and play tag in the garden,

Kelvin McKenzie said:


” well it’s nice of her to say that about her dead father but I have a much more significant question about how and why some of those children were born, and under what circumstances and whether in the end he would have turned out to be a great father. Certainly there are aspects of him that your audience would raise their eyebrows at. In fact the death of Michael Jackson may well have saved some children from a lifetime of being mentally corrupted. “Philip Schofield (the presenter): ” we don’t know that though. “

Kelvin Mackenzie: ” No, but at the same time he has faced a number of charges and allegations and I feel the children are better off now he has died. “

Philip Schofield: ” I am sure they would disagree with you’

* End of transcript*

Mr MacKenzie made his comments in response to the airing of Oprah Winfrey’s programme with Mr Jackson’s parents and his surviving children on November 8, 2010.

ITV this morning is a breakfast show like Good Morning America, there to provide news and magazine style items — not disseminate unproven, seriously accusatory monologues about a dead man to an entire country while they eat their breakfast cereal.

Below are the contact details, both telephone number and email. Obviously it important every single legacy member gets on this. It is also important if they are not resident in the UK, that they do not mention that – or they will not have complainant status.

How to complain specifically about ITV THIS MORNING:

ITV Viewer enquiries:

Tel: * 08000 30 40 44 * and * 0844 88 14150 *

Those who wish to complain need to use the * FIRST* telephone number before on Mon-Fri. It is only open between 09:00 (GMT) and 12:30 (GMT). This first telephone number is the specific telephone number for complaints about ITV This Morning.

The second telephone number is a more general complaints number that is open for longer than the 12.30 (GMT) cut-off. * It is better to telephone your complaint to the first number. *

We need to call the first telephone number before 12.30 (GMT) daily and continuously until ITV THIS MORNING airs a statement or apology.

Legacy members can also email at:[/email


Alternatively, you can write to:Viewer Services
Gas Street
B1 2JT

We also need to complain to OFCOM – the official complaints authority for UK media.…-programme-epg

You will need to state your name, address and email in a form to submit, and the programme details itself.

Programme details are: ITV THISMORNING – November 9, 2010 at 10:35 am.

To specifically complain about : Kelvin Mackenzie.

* Here is a template of how legacy members may wish to word their complaint *

Media commentator and ex-newspaper editor Kelvin MacKenzie, on the morning of Nov 9, 2010 on ITV THIS MORNING commented on an interview conducted by Oprah Winfrey — a US chat show host – with Michael Jackson’s parents and surviving children.

Mr MacKenzie felt it necessary to speculate in a highly offensive manner about the biological resemblance of Michael Jacksons children to their late father, offer his own non-legal, highly accusatory opinion about the serious charges Jackson was accused of in 2005 — and emphatically acquitted, and essentially call the late Mr Jackson a child molester on national television.

Mackenzie then proceeded to say Michael Jackson’s children were better off now that their father was dead.

The nature of his rant, as that is what it was, was in effect, to deliver an outrageous monologue on national television espousing his own obviously negative and highly personalized view of someone who cannot answer back.

This is unacceptable, and goes way beyond the boundaries of professionalism and proper media etiquette.

For someone to state on a nationally broadcast television programme that they are essentially glad that an acquitted father of three young children is dead, beggars belief. Have you any idea how Mr Jackson’s children or his mother would feel if they heard what Mr MacKenzie said?

I feel I should also make you aware that I will passing on information about this outrage to the Michael Jackson estate legal team.

I think, at the very least, an apology to Mr Jacksons family and British viewers is necessary here. Personally, I am appalled by this.

Your Name ( Please do not use fan name ).

( End of template message)

To qualify to complain at OFCOM you need to be British. If you live outside the UK, before you head to OFCOM’s site, choose a British residence from here ( the link below)

British Telephone numbers begin 0207 OR 0208 then the digit count is XXX XXXX e.g 0207 530 4500
At the OFCOM site you will be asked to provide name, UK address, UK telephone number and an email.


Message template written above. Nothing ‘fanny’ or overly emotionally please. This is a clear lapse by the media and stating that strongly will be sufficient. It is critical we respond to this, until an on-air apology is made. When or if an apology is made, notification will be made online so that everyone knows to stop calling and writing.N:B!! At the telephone numbers listed above for ITV THIS MORNING you can complain daily until 12.30 (GMT). You can also write as many times as you like at the viewer mail address.

In contrast at OFCOM you can only complain once — so lets make it count!


Thank you.


Now, as recent as Friday, OFCOM released a statement basically saying no wrong doing occurred and refuse to apologize. Within the same day, ITV has admitted their guilt by removing the offensive clip, but still no apology. Taj, God bless him, released this statement:

“If we don’t get an on air apology from ITV soon, my next step is legal. The time for bad mouthing & spreading lies about my uncle are OVER.”

And as updated by Deborah Ffrench:

ITV This Morning now will only issue an apology if enough ‘nuisance’ factor is generated by fans doing the following:

Emailing:  and  daily.

Calling these two phone numbers:

 To protest to ITV DIRECT               1st number     :  For US dial  011 44 8000 30 40 44 and For UK call 08000 30 40 44   That number open from 09:00 TO 12:30 ( GMT) Mon-Fri

2nd number  :   For US dial  011 44 844 881 4150 and   For UK call  0844 881 4150.  That number open from 09:00 to 19:00  ( GMT) Mon- Fri

The other thing people are being asked to do is forward to this softpedia link: 

about the McKenzie story to any celebrity friends of Michael that you may be in contact with, via Facebook or Twitter. If they ask for more details, send them this full transcript of McKenzie’s comments:

Enough is enough!


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