Katherine Jackson Interview Transcript

For those of you who couldn’t stomach watching the interview between Mrs. Katherine Jackson and Oprah, I acquired the link to the transcript via http://MJJ-777.com (courtesy of Dave Edwards).

Here is the Adobe PDF format of the transcript which you can download/ read rather than provide viewership to the  ratings hog Oprah herself.  http://www.mj-777.com/OW_KJTranscript.pdf

Stay tuned for a later update regarding this topic.


As I mentioned earlier, there was no way I could sit through that interview without sending something hurling into the television and destroying it. So I opted read the transcript.

It is my firm belief that Oprah and the devil are in cahoots. I’m sure many of you can agree.

My reasoning is this: as a fan, it’s common knowledge by now that Michael despised Oprah for all the pain she’s caused him and his family. For her to court them for an interview is the most incredibly wretched idea she could have ever put in that silly head of hers. What’s funny though is that Oprah continues to portray Michael as an abuser when she clearly is the one deserving of the title. (Proven by this entry https://fb4mj.wordpress.com/2010/10/26/ )

Aside from the fact that Michael’s children spoke with Oprah, I think they did their father proud. They were very polite; and not once, but multiple times they threw Oprah off her high horse by speaking of their father the only way they’ve experienced- lovingly. Katherine didn’t do so bad herself either, although many fans would have rather seen Michael’s humanitarianism spoken of- it wasn’t, or at least, there were some, Oprah decided that it would be best if she kept her viewers ignorant a little while longer, and those things were edited (my opinion). One thing worth mentioning though was the way Mrs. Jackson handled Oprah regarding the way Michael passed, his “Pajama day”, and the “baby dangling” incident. Your basic tabloid reporter questions. Oprah decided she would demonstrate her ignorance once more by trying to coax out of Katherine that she thought he was crazy too along with the rest of America. Fortunately, the handling of these badgering questions only made Oprah look stupid.

Needless to say, not many revelations sprung from this interview. So the one major question still lingered in my mind afterwards; why was the interview held in the first place?

I didn’t get it. How could she bash Michael in one minute and then in the next have the audacity to have his family believe she had her heart in the right place. If that was true, she would have publicly apologized on her program and never approached the Jacksons. Period.

Knowing that this was Oprah’s highest rated show of her “farewell season” doesn’t put me at ease either. As usual there were many great things she could have done with this opportunity. The same ol’- same ol’ questions were asked and not once was there an apology to the Jacksons for all she’s said about their beloved Michael. Our beloved Michael. She basically wasted an opportunity to regain her dignity. Classy woman my ass.


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