The MJ Community Divides Over “Breaking News”

Today, the premier of the single Breaking News generated reviews of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Whether you’ve listened to it or not (I’m assuming you most likely have with all the attention it’s been getting) it’s hard to avoid. If you’re unfamiliar with the controversy surrounding the entire Michael album (not just the song), you’d know primarily the main contention surrounds members of his family, including his children, deals with claims that tracks from the album are not of Michael’s creation. Of course, Sony is saying otherwise. Take a guess why; they’re $ony for a reason.

If you couldn’t already tell, I’m a tad iffy about the entire thing. Not to mention irate!  If what I believe from what Michael has warned holds true, what Sony has done is incredibly devilish; you can’t say Michael didn’t warn us. I have to admit, I found this inevitable. And of course anyone might think “hindsight is always 20/20”, but the warnings have been in our face from the get-go. Seemingly, the warnings have been there ever since Sony signed Michael.

All of this coming from a person who took one listen this morning and another in the afternoon. My own personal opinion, which you are in absolutely no pressure to take, is that while the beats of the song may or may not have had some involvement on Michael’s part, it is my belief, the vocals certainly do not. Also, all of this is coming from a person who is aware of the telling issues Michael has had with Sony and the Vaccaro/ Mann partnership. 

Not only is it the way Sony deceitfully parades themselves as the leprauchans guarding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow lucifer-like behavior, but the bickering it is causing between fans is signaling a division in the community that should have never occurred. What’g going on is extremely heart breaking to me. Never would I have ever imagined that fans who claim to want to protect Michael’s legacy disrepect the family in such a way as they are now. Are they not keeping in mind that believe it or not, Prince, Paris, and Blanket are just as much, if not more, his legacy than we are? Believe it or not, ( it was hard for me to) fans of Michael’s are harassing family members on Twitter as a result of what Sony has done. The dividing of the estate leads to dividing of the fans, leads to all hell breaking loose. Sad to say, but at that point ( God forbid) Michael’s legacy will be nowhere near it needs to be, thus ending up in God knows where or what.

Then again, this, besides getting m.o.n.e.y. off of Michael, may have very well been apart of their hidden agenda; what on Earth has Sony done?

The evidence is damning ladies and gentlemen! When did it become acceptable to toss Michael’s warnings away with convenience! And when did it become the noble Michael Jackson- like way to curse his FAMILY?!? Although I am what many consider to be a devout Michael Jackson fan, I believe it is not right to question the Jacksons on this one, especially his immediate family! I know with all the Oprah crap, the Bani photos, and the fake song/ demo tape marketed as from Mrs. Jackson, it’s become less of an everyday thing to take moments out and think of Michael’s legacy rather than satisfying your own fix. For those of you accustomed to doing this whenever the family or fan-mily is faced with dilemmas such as these, think of what Michael would do. Really people. Would Michael choose Sony over his own family? Think about it.

Here’s a video of a producer claiming he knows MJ isn’t singing Breaking News, and in fact it is Jason Malachi

And here is one of Jason Malachi’s songs (why this is paired with pics of MJ is beyond me)

Taryll Jackson’s Twitter:

Taj Jackson’s Twitter:

TJ Jackson’s Twitter:


2 thoughts on “The MJ Community Divides Over “Breaking News”

    • MJdcaring says:

      I want the album too; what I don’t want is the lies and controversy surrounding potentially every “demo album” or project of Michael’s that will follow this one. Sadly, the damage has been done to his leagcy whether we like it or not. Now it’s just a matter of 1) finding out how much of him IS on the album and repremanding those responsible parties and 2) supporting his legacy the best way we know how.

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