Army Of Love Music Video Project

In a recent email via, the campaign for a Michael inspired music video is under the works. Below is how you can help out…

Our friend Amy Grace (who did the design for Rev B’s site) wrote a song a while back called “Army of Love”, inspired by Michael. We had an idea together a couple of weeks ago that it would be the coolest thing to make a video for it, actually showing MJ’s ‘Army of Love’ … picture after picture of us all, from all around the world, one Soldier of Love after another. It will be inspiring (the lyrics are awesome) and show how global we are as a family, and marching together as one, united army.

I’m writing to all of you to see if you’d like to join us for this, like by writing about it on your site/blog/forum, getting the word out, etc. We want to use the message to say we’re all together, one global force for love. You can read about the project here: We’re just asking for a photo or a very short video of each person displaying a heart in some fashion (wearing it, on a sign, as a mudra, face paint… whatever creative thing they’d like to do) uploaded to our Facebook page or, better, emailed to hearts @ . The tentative deadline for photos is November 19th, depending on the number we receive by then (hopefully enough to make a great vid, otherwise we could extend the time). We’ll then upload the video to FB and Youtube, so it can be shared via embedding or link.

If you’re interested, spread the word. And if you aren’t, still spread it to someone who will!


One thought on “Army Of Love Music Video Project

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